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Security of Global Supply & Operations

Building resiliency across supply chains, together.

While we cannot predict the weather or global events, we are here for you during uncertain times, supporting continuity of your business and activating specialized teams of scientists, chemists and technical advisors to find your next solution.

As a global chemical and ingredient distribution company, we strive to give you the best customer or supplier experience. During times of uncertainty, we work to mitigate risk and assure confidence, while moving to deliver services that help with product availability and supply chain challenges. That means pivoting quickly, adapting to unexpected changes in our ecosystem and finding competitive advantages for the organizations we serve. We work at the intersection of science and technology to find solutions that fulfill our purpose to help keep our communities healthy, fed, clean and safe. 

"Some things never change, like our reliability as a strategic partner who understands your unique business and supply chain needs. We are here for you." 

Univar Solutions’ single-source, one-stop solutions portfolio includes everyday essentials and groundbreaking chemistry as well as next-generation chemicals and ingredients. Bringing those products and resources to market for organizations who depend on them means we are always working to resolve supply chain issues and trusting our vast network to secure resources as responsibly, safely, quickly and reliably as possible. That focus has you at the center and our people making the difference. Together, we are building a more resilient and sustainable value chain. See how we are keeping supply chains connected, and discover more about the suppliers we represent across multiple industries.

Responding Rapidly to Dynamic and Disruptive Changes 

During a crisis, our supply chain and operations teams are vital to maintaining security of supply and working to ensure that critical business operations can continue for customers. We are committed to delivering solutions to help our customers and suppliers provide the products that help society thrive. But when unforeseen events force us to pivot and adapt to changing conditions in real time, our focus is on greater assurance that the global network of distribution logistics you rely on is working relentlessly to meet your needs.

How We Can Help  

You know what you need and when you need it—so how can we help?As a leader in chemical and ingredient solutions with a global distribution networkyou can count on us globally, nationally, regionally and in the local communities where you operate. We are never too far away to provide industry-leading sourcing options from around the world with local support in your market. Our flexible logistics and transportation options include ocean shipping, air, rail, import, export and local delivery. From small, custom batches to track-and-trace capabilities, our supply chain has you covered. During unprecedented timesknow that we will work as quickly as possible to overcome supply chain disruptions so we can all get back on track. Whatever the current situation, we come together every day with our customers and suppliers to expedite the recovery process and maintain business continuity.  

Innovating Today for Next Generation Solutions 

Reducing risk requires supply chain resilience and more sustainable solutions. Our specialized network of support staff, account managers, lab testing facilities and global Solution Centers are here to help, whether you need specialized industry expertise or innovative technical capabilities. Our network includes formulation labs, development and research centers, test kitchens and local distribution centers with support staff to augment your service and delivery needs. With global reach across the value chain, our knowledgeable teams are monitoring the latest market trends, regulatory shifts, sustainability goals and supply disruptions so we can support your organization in making betters decisions.  

We are committed to helping you anticipate, navigate and prepare for the here and now while looking ahead to prevent downtime, wherever and whenever possible. No matter the size or scale, we strive to manage every detail of your order with the highest care and vigilance because we understand that what you do matters to a global ecosystem that powers, fuels, feeds and sustains our world. Learn more about our approach to sustainability. 

If you are seeking a partner to scale across innovation and distribution, connect with us so we can understand your formulation and distribution needs. 

Explore Featured Products


There is more interest than ever in green, natural, biodegradable and renewable products, as well as the traceability of their supply chains. The team at Univar Solutions offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of over 150 oleochemical products to fit the broad needs of manufacturers across over 25 different industries. Discover more.


We offer a broad range of amphoteric, anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants from industry leading manufacturers. With purity, safety and efficiency to consider, it is imperative that you trust the quality of the surfactants you use in your business and rely on your chemical distributor for accurate, on-time service and supply chain expertise. Discover more.


As a distributor with long-standing supplier relationships, our portfolio of ingredients covers markets such as chemical manufacturing, coatings and adhesives, water, household and industrial cleaning, food and pharmaceuticals. We can source even the most in-demand solvents when others may have limited quantities. Discover more.

Hydrochloric Acid (HCI)

Our supplier network for HCI stretches from coast to coast with Univar packaging facilities located in every time zone. We carry over 50 million pounds of inventory at all times to ensure we have the product to meet your needs. Through our extensive warehouse and terminal distribution network, we offer the right grade, quantity and package for any customer application. Learn more.

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Univar Solutions is one of the largest IPA distributors in the U.S. with onsite storage of the product in up to 60 locations throughout the country. We sell USP and industrial grade IPA made from both acetone and propylene. Sourcing in rail car quantities from at least five different suppliers, we can offer our customers security of supply at competitive costs even in times of high demand. Learn more.

Sulfuric Acid

Univar Solutions is your premier source for sulfuric acid, the most widely used chemical in industrial applications including the production of gasoline, fertilizer, chemicals, paints, batteries and many more. Multiple properties of acidity, reactivity and corrosivity makes this product extremely versatile in nearly every industrial process in the world. Learn more.

Hand Sanitizer Solutions

Antimicrobials, thickeners, emollients and more. Univar Solutions is your one-stop shop for the key specialty and commodity ingredients you need to produce efficient and effective hand sanitizers. Please ensure you review and align to all FDA regulations, required registrations and certifications for hand sanitizers. Explore more.

I&I Cleaning Solutions

We partner with premier suppliers to provide you with a robust portfolio of high-performance chemical ingredients focused on industrial and institutional cleaning products. Univar Solutions offers a full suite of household and industrial cleaning products and formulation solutions to address your unique challenges. Explore more.

Caustic Soda

Univar Solutions distributes sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) globally using a detailed supply chain model to minimize the cost of delivering the product to our customers. Depending on your volume needs, Bulk Chemical Distribution and MiniBulk services are options to help optimize your supply chain and increase efficiency for your business. Explore more.

Our Solutions and Values in Action

Crisis Averted: No Lost Production Time for Advanced Technology Manufacturer

Read a case study demonstrating how our West Coast team helped a local equipment manufacturer access its most critical product and keep operations on track—in less than 24 hours.

Protecting Our People and Ensuring Security of Our Supply Chain

How are we responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the health of our supply line? Learn how we organized a comprehensive crisis response structure globally. 

Solving Supply Challenges in Wake of COVID-19 Delays

A longtime beauty and personal care manufacturer had to halt production when a plastics shortage led to a severe lack of bottles for packaging their products. Explore our solution.

Helping TSA Protect Employees and Travelers

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needed to a supply of 70% isopropyl alcohol hard surface cleaner to help ensure cleanliness for frontline workers and travelers at 450 airports in the U.S. Read case study.

Protecting Our Frontline Employees

Above everything, we are Serious about Safety. Our focus on safety is one of the 5 values that drives our teams across the globe. When times are tough, we focus on coming together to keep our people, customers and partners safe, finding new ways to continue moving forward. Learn more.

Bringing You Solutions from Home

As part of our contingency planning to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and business continuity for our customers, we have taken proactive steps with our Customer Solutions and Sales Support teams. Learn more.

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