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A New Chapter: Bringing the Latest Beauty Trends to You

As autumn brings changes to the natural beauty around us, and a new year brings promise of new opportunity, we have decided to embark on an exciting journey with how we engage and interact with our customers and suppliers. At the Univar Solutions Lab our entire team is committed to bringing the latest trends and technologies to the forefront.  And, we find excitement in the joy and challenge, birth and growth of your products and brands.

We have a lot to share and want to share with you as we have done in the past, but this time with the help of digital tools. Strange as it sounds, in looking to produce this digital site, we thought long and hard about what could make it exciting and valuable, technical yet market focused, trendy yet realistic. We will not be able to cover every topic, but rather select what is hot for that season, trends we spot slipping slowly into our markets, or new technologies that excite us. We will share with you our latest tips and trends, and the science and materials behind them.

But this site is not just about telling our story and sharing our thoughts. The truth is, we want to engage you and interact with you more, driving a communal sense of learning and excitement in our fast changing world.  As chemists, we look at data and performance, but there is something more personal to each of these products that created emotional warmth and joy. Chemistry makes it all possible, but the personal side of chemist and formulators make it all worth buying and wearing. And we want this platform to be an extension of our interactions to help learn and grow alongside one another. 

So we made a ‘Formulation To-Do’ list, paying attention to some of the trends were we noticing in new cosmetic and personal care products, as well as marketing data from industry insiders, and studies conducted by some of our suppliers.  With a plan in place, we have rolled up our sleeves and set to work on putting together the amazing kits that are now featured on this website.  We are having fun.  We want you to join us on this journey.

Keep visiting this site for more news, trend highlights, products we love, articles and the most exciting formulation innovations and what is going on in our lab. And please engage us with your suggestions, ideas, and comments about the concepts you see here. Collaboration has, and will always be, the key to unlocking the future.

As the consumer, we usually only see the finished product – we get drawn to it and its attractiveness as well as hope that it does something special. Our goal here is to show you how that all comes together—the innovative chemistry and amazing people who make the latest trends a true reality.

We look forward doing this together.

This platform will be the perfect place to do just that!

About the Authors

Dr Dejana Drew, Director of Technical Services at Univar Solutions, is the epitome of intellect and grace, creativity and science. With more than 15 years of lab and formulation experience, Dejana is globally recognized for her deep knowledge of the latest market trends and available technologies. 

Dr Erin Burke, Technical Manager of Analytical Services, is the rare leader equally comfortable diving deep into the data behind the science or driving strategic projects to success. An experienced University Professor, production manager, researcher, and analytical chemist, Erin has truly worn many “hats” and understands what it takes to deliver innovation to the market.