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Beauty Trends - Helping You Stay Current
with New Year’s Resolutions

As we venture into the new year, many will embark on new beginnings and optimistic resolutions—that we seldom manage to keep. Some of the top resolutions that seem consistent throughout the years tend to be living a healthier lifestyle and traveling to new, exciting places.

To help boost consumers’ desires for adventure and inspire them to maintain healthier habits, our Univar Solutions lab team has formulated several new products within our latest trend kits. The products in these kits will help you get a jump-start on formulating new products that tie into some of the trends that are emerging in Personal Care for 2019 while helping your customers uphold their New Year’s resolutions.

Healthy Living

Within our New Elements, New You kit, you will find several products that appeal to health-conscious skin and hair care. Some of these include our “C” Me Restored Vitamin Serum, Urban Shield Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as our Urban Stress Skin Defense Mist. All of these products emphasize a beauty trend centered around maintaining a healthier lifestyle with key ingredients that provide protection and prevention from environmental stressors and urban pollutants that can age the skin and damage hair.

Our formulators have also developed several products within our Natural Beauty Kit that utilize the combination of mild and formaldehyde free preservative systems to produce sensory stimulating products. These products are formulated to help mitigate acne, health issues and even environmental awareness, appealing to consumers looking for healthier and more natural ways to maintain their resolutions.

Time for Travel

Our latest Beauty & Adventure Travel Essentials Kit takes beauty on the go with products that are not only easy to toss into a suitcase, gym bag or purse, but are also beneficial for the skin, lips, and hair. Each of the products in this kit were uniquely formulated to deliver a similar feel and performance as their water-based versions without all of the extra packaging bulk or fear of leaking liquids in purse or bag. This kit is ready to bring your customers to their next adventure day or night.

Whether your customers are looking to upgrade to a healthy lifestyle or jump into explorations of new and exciting places, Univar Solutions has the products to keep up with their ever-changing trends. Stay tuned until next month with the launch of our Beautiful Hair in Motion Kit. Cheers to a prosperous and successful 2019!