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  • A regional specialty inks and coatings supplier was close to running out of a solvent needed to manufacturer a specialty ink used to create wood-grain furniture finishes and needed a backup solution fast.
  • With its bulk supplier unable to deliver, the customer needed 12 drums of specific-grade ethyl acetate/solvent on short notice to avoid a costly shutdown and miss fulfilling an important customer order


  • After first locating the needed drums in our inventory, our dedicated customer care teams mobilized quickly to release the order and secure transportation services on a third-party carrier for arrival first thing the next morning, going above and beyond to stay late and hand off each task properly to mitigate further risks and ensure safe, on-time delivery.


  • Timely delivery of the properly graded and specified ethyl acetate allowed the customer to keep production lines running smoothly, avoiding a costly shutdown or stressful order disruption.
  • Expansive network and exceptional back-office support strengthened the partnership with this manufacturer and expanded the materials and services provided.
  • When an emergency arose, Univar Solutions filled the gap left by a bulk supplier, locating a special-grade solvent and proving the value of a national partner with wide and deep sourcing, logistics and transportation options.

When unexpected events threaten supply, you need a partner that goes the extra mile to deliver

Learn how our local chemical distribution team helped a regional specialty inks, coatings and plastic colorants manufacturer secure a backup supply of ethyl acetate.


A regional specialty inks, coatings and plastic colorants supplier needed a critical solvent when its main bulk supplier was experiencing supply issues. The customer used ethyl acetate in high-end specialty inks to create the woodgrain look in furniture and other items, and it needed a large amount of the solvent to get through an emergency situation it was facing. Without the material, the supplier would have to shut down production, send workers home and miss delivery commitments with key furniture manufacturing customers.

Heightening the challenge was the fact the material was a specific grade with a certain water content, already specified with the facility’s chemist and not widely available from smaller players across the region. As the customer’s normal package supplier, Univar Solutions carried the specified grade and had previously stepped in when the bulk supplier’s inventory ran low. Could we locate enough drums in our network to make a difference, secure transportation on impossibly short notice and deliver the material first thing in the morning to keep the ink line up and running for this customer?

Multiple options and locations for backup supply availability

With multiple plants and hubs within our distribution network, Univar Solutions has the size and scale to source a large menu of needed materials, plus specific grades that might be difficult to locate or in short inventory because of market controls or similar supply chain issues. Despite the call coming in after the cutoff time for next-day deliveries, our dedicated service team worked late to make sure we could deliver for this important customer, locating 12 drums of the ethyl acetate, approving and releasing the shipment and securing a carrier for delivery across three states.

Reliable supply to handle unexpected events

With the 12 drums delivered and the ink production line restored, the customer’s operations continued without lost time or delay. When supply of the specific-grade ethyl acetate was critically low, and the safety stock already depleted, this important customer knew it could call on our wide and deep network to source and deliver the inventory needed to bridge the facility’s gap in supply. The exceptional customer care fortified the already strong partnership, and today this ink maker regularly calls on us for additional materials and expanded service to keep operations running at peak capacity.

Life happens fast in today’s competitive manufacturing environment, so successful players have to be able to pivot quickly and adjust to timing and supply issues that are often beyond their control. Having a trusted partner with the size and reach to help your facility handle potential production threats as they arise can help you turn potential emergencies into routine successful outcomes.

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