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Experts Solving Sustainable Water Treatment Challenges

Meet The Expert: Jose Manuel Gonzalez - Application Development Specialist, Water Treatment

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is keeping the water industry moving by supporting operational application development for municipal and industrial water projects. In this technical role, he uses his 36 years of industry experience to help customers resolve challenges and find innovative new water treatment programs.

Gonzalez has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Delaware and has held various sales, technical and engineering management roles, including supporting major infrastructure wastewater projects in New York City and Mexico City.

“I have a passion for working with customers to solve their water treatment problems. I truly enjoy this industry as it allows me to make a difference for one of our most precious resources,” says Gonzalez. “I am benefitting the greater community by having the ability to positively impact people’s quality of life and health. Everyone uses water – consumers, businesses and facilities all around us. The challenges facing the world's clean water supply are daunting, and chemicals and ingredients play a vital role in improving outcomes in water purification.”

Greener, more sustainable technologies are coming to the forefront reducing the need for traditional chemistry. Water quality and regulation changes are always driving the water industry to consider purer, safer alternatives long-term.


Andrew Mint, Head of Solution Centers

Jose Manuel Gonzalez - Application Development Specialist, Water Treatment

“At Univar Solutions, we strive to keep our communities healthy, fed, clean and safe. I appreciate the opportunity in my current role to develop more sustainable chemical options and processes for our customers,” added Gonzalez.

Representing the world’s premier chemical and ingredient suppliers, Univar Solutions combines technical expertise with sourcing and logistical capabilities to provide a reliable, secure supply for potable, industrial, and wastewater treatment needs. Our water treatment business offers a broad menu of chemistry solutions and equipment, including coagulants, flocculants, fluoridation chemistry, enzymes, disinfectants, and more.

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