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Urban Defense Beauty Solutions: Protect Your Skin from Hidden Aggressors

With the skin being the first barrier against external attacks, it’s only natural it is susceptible to damage. On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to atmospheric pollution and UV rays, especially when one is spending the majority of their time in more urban areas, and can oftentimes cause harmful effects to the skin.

Although this is not entirely new news to most, recently there has been an increase in certain trends around beauty products; specifically, skincare. So, how are these elements effecting your customers’ buying habits?

Here we will examine types of aggressors that consumers are becoming more aware of, as well as solutions that will help you appeal to their ever-growing needs within your skincare line.

Air Pollution

As mentioned in our previous blog about pollution’s effect on the hair, with the amount of dirt and grime particles floating in the air and passing through the hair every second of the day, many are starting to realize the fact that high air pollution in cities affects us in both visible and invisible ways. However, hair is not the only part of a beauty routine that can be altered by pollution.

In certain metropolitan areas, the pollution index reaches 1000, which is 50 times higher than the World Health Organization recommended levels. These high levels of pollutants in large cities can cause dryness, dark spots and can even speed up our skin's aging processes. For those who choose to walk during their lunch breaks or must venture outside during their commute, some of these particles in the air, from construction sites, and from the exhaust pipes of cars can even become stuck in one’s pores.

Ever-changing Climates and UV Light

Both of these factors can result in issues with the skin as well. Harsh winds from the tunnels between office buildings in the colder months, and beaming heat on the walk from the train during those brutal summer months can completely throw off the balance of healthy looking skin. As a result, one may see dry, patchy areas or even a sudden outburst in breakouts—neither are ideal for your customers’ particular styles.

A Solution From You to Your Consumer

So, what can we do to keep consumers’ skin looking glowing and fresh in potentially harmful urban areas?

Whether it be pollution, fatigue or plain old stress, city living can play havoc with your consumers’ skin. Univar Solutions is here to not only develop products that will protect against some of the harsher elements, but we also have lab experts at the ready to assist with custom formulations, analytical testing and much, much more!

As far as skin issues go, pollution has met its match! Our nutrient-packed Urban Stress Skin Defense Mist helps protect against free radical damage that can age and irritate skin. Add this spray to your beauty line to help your customers achieve an inspiring boost of soothing hydration and protection against urban life and even blue-light.

Our personal care lab team at Univar Solutions specializes in developing personal care products that enrich our customers’ extensive product lines. With tailor-made formulations and solutions utilizing quality ingredients, we consistently shape cutting-edge personal care concepts that ultimately solve issues consumers run into in their daily lives.

Contact us today to see how our personal care lab team can help your business solve the next beauty debacle your consumers face.