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Personalized Color Cosmetic Solutions

Lipstick is empowering, and a great color with flawless application can really make your day! 

Discover our full ingredient range and create formats and textures like liquid, sticks or gloss.  You can create a matte finish, balms, tints and more, in a wide variety of shades.

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Empfohlene Produkte:

DOWSIL™ FA 4004 ID Silikonacrylat

INCI: Isododecane (and) Dimethicone Crosspolymer

Silicone organic elastomer blend that is compatible with a wide range of personal care ingredients offering multifunctional benefits to meet the latest consumer trends in color cosmetics and facial skin care. The product is a mixture of high molecular weight silicone elastomer in isododecane.

EPITEX™ 99 Polymer

INCI: Acrylates copolymer (and) acrylates / polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate copolymer

A hybrid film former designed for long lasting wear of mass market color cosmetic products and sun care products. It does exhibit excellent sebum and wash-off resistance.

Olivem® 900

INCI: Sorbitan Olivate

Olivem® 900 is a PEG-free co-emulsifier, an ivory waxy solid in flake form with melting range 65 – 75°C, for w/o and w/s systems. Olivem® 900 is designed to improve the dispersion of powders in decorative formulations and of inorganic UV attenuating agents in sun care formulations, and contribute to waterproofing by improving the resistance to wash off. It is COSMOS-validated.

Unser Portfolio umfasst:

+ Emulgator
  • DOWSIL™ ES 5300 Formulierungshilfe
  • ACULYN™ SILTouch Rheologieadditiv
  • Olivem® 900
+ Filmbildner
  • DOWSIL™ FA 4004 ID Silikonacrylat
  • EPITEX™ 99 Polymer
  • DOWSIL™ FA PEPS Silicone Acrylate
+ Geringer Transfer
  • DOWSIL™ EL-8048 ID Silicone Organic Blend
  • DOWSIL™ EL-9081 Silikonelastomer-Mischung
+ Thickening Agent
  • Olivem® 900
+ sensorischer Zusatzstoff
  • DOWSIL™ EL-7040 Silikonelastomer-Mischung
  • DOWSIL™ EL-8048 ID Silicone Organic Blend
  • DOWSIL™ 3903 Satin-Flüssigmischung
  • DOWSIL™ EL-9081 Silikonelastomer-Mischung
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