What is toll manufacturing and what are its key benefits

What is toll manufacturing and what are its key benefits? 

Toll manufacturing and blending are services provided by a third-party who specialise in manufacturing both small- and large-scale blends for other companies.

The benefit of this is that companies outsourcing their production operations can innovate and produce without having to invest in the assets and site facilities required.

As a service, it is becoming increasingly popular as it allows companies to expand beyond their own production capabilities and gain invaluable support that otherwise, may not have been accessible.

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What is toll manufacturing and what are its key benefits

The perfect solution…

Outsourcing toll manufacturing and blending requirements can support a range of companies, but may be particularly suitable for those that:

  • Are new and need to prioritise research and development in their capital expenditures
  • Are prototyping a new product and initially require smaller quantities
  • Require equipment and capabilities that are not currently possessed
  • Require rapid product development and want to emit the need for developing physical infrastructure
  • Want to maintain the agility and flexibility to pivot quickly within a specific industry

Top 5 Key Benefits of Toll Manufacturing 


1. Cost Savings

With toll manufacturing and blending services, companies do not need to invest capital in specialised machinery and equipment, human resource, or physical site space. This allows them to leverage the toll manufacturers knowledge, facilities and capabilities.

2. Customisation

Outsourcing this service allows for an element of customisation. From formats and ingredients, to packaging and filling, having a toll manufacturing partner enables companies to be selective and specific in their requirements. This allows for differentiation in the market against competitors.

3. Dynamic Quality Control System

 Toll manufacturers have the competence and technical knowledge to formulate and manufacture in line with industry standards. From product analysis and testing, to adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements, working with a toll manufacturing partner ensures a more stringent quality system.

4. Increased Efficiency

Through outsourcing production to a third-party toll manufacturer, companies can produce unique formulations and blends – at speed and at ease. By outsourcing this part of the supply chain, they can obtain high quality and timely products, whilst enabling them to dedicate their focus to other aspects of the supply chain.

5. Speed to Market

Toll manufacturing and blending services can help companies deliver comprehensive solutions that drive innovative product development across a range of markets. It enables them to be agile and innovate quicker than their competitors.

What is toll manufacturing and what are its key benefits

Our EMEA Facilities 

With four designated toll manufacturing sites across Europe (UK, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden) offering fully integrated services, Univar Solutions’ supports customers with their individual requirements across the EMEA region.

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