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Miracare® Soft S 525

Design “the next generation" of sulfate-free solutions

Miracare® Soft S 525 is a mild sulfate-free and multifunctional performance concentrate. It Is optimized to deliver several otherwise-solid ingredients, in a high-active liquid form that is both sustainable and easy-to-process. As a primary core component of shampoo formulations, it can be supplemented with different kinds of secondary surfactants (anionic and amphoteric) to fine-tune the consumers’ experience and benefits (flash foam, texture, conditioning) and create different types of shampoos. Synergistic with cationic guars, it best performs on hair with Solvay’s line of new-generation Jaguars®.

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  • INCI: Water, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Methyl OleylTaurate, Cocamide MIPA, DecylGlucoside, CocamidopropylHydroxysultaine
  • Appearance (25 Deg C) Turbid, Flowable Paste Like Liquid
  • pH (10% Solution) 6.5 – 8.5
  • Solids (Microwave), % 54.0 – 59.0



    • Shampoos
    • Face Washes
    • Baby Washes



Miracare® Soft S 525 Formulation Benefits

  • Superiorly mild, a unique blend of mild surfactants
  • Flexible, works in synergy with different secondary surfactants
  • Adaptable to different hair types with Solvay’s Jaguar®
  • Cost-efficient, shampoos down to 15% active surfactants
  • Sustainable, with unrivaled high solids to save on water
  • Cold-processable, to save on manufacturing costs


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