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Rheozan® SH

Thickening and stabilization agent of personal care and cosmetic formulations particularly water based compositions and oil-in-water emulsion systems. It can be used by itself or in combination with other natural and synthetic polymers. Rheozan® SH imparts a smooth and non-tacky after-feel highly desired in leave-on skin care formulations.




  • Appearance: Fine powder.
  • INCI: Succinoglycans
  • Water solubility: soluble



  • End Use: After sun care, baby formulations, cosmetics, creams and lotions, hand sanitizers, sunscreen lotions and sprays




  • Aesthetic enhancer
  • Conditioning agent
  • Texturizing agent
  • Viscosity modifier
  • Smoothing and calming
  • Cushioning effect
  • Non-tacky
  • Sensory experience


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