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Spotlight Webinar Series
Industrial Coating

Join us for the 2021

Spotlight Webinar Series


Each year, our technical teams' partner with key suppliers to identify hero ingredients that provide essential solutions and address key industry trends in the marketplace including stringent regulations regarding VOC emissions, weatherability, water-borne solutions, powder-based applications and more.

This webinar series aims to help brands understand the shifts in consumer behaviors and learn how they can develop and position their products to meet regulatory constraints and optimize their product performance.

With The Industrial Coating Spotlight Webinar Series, Univar Solutions aims to help brands understand the shifts in consumer behaviors and learn how they can develop and position their products to meet regulatory constraints and optimize their product performance.

Each supplier spotlight webinar showcases the best in-class technologies for specific application needs like multi-functional waterborne solutions, optimizing adhesion to metal surfaces, high temperature resistant coatings, and direct to metal coatings. The majority of ingredients featured are low VOC and can be discussed with our technical experts in one-on-one troubleshooting sessions to discover their next solution.


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Webinar 1

Codispersing and neutralizing amine in waterborne systems.

Tuesday, April 20th @ 2pm EST


Stabilizing agents are used in waterborne coating formulations to enhance storage stability, provide pH control, and enable better dispersions of pigments. The strong interaction of amino alcohols with pigments make them extremely useful in improving the optical, mechanical, and rheological properties of Industrial waterborne coatings. In this webinar, the performance and features of AMP as a multi-functional additive will be reviewed in waterborne systems.


Hear from: Dr. Mark Langille- Customer application Specialist, Angus Chemical Company






Webinar 2

Improving adhesion to metal surfaces

Tuesday, April 27th @ 2pm EST


Examine specific functionalities that can be built into latex polymers and resins to improve end performance of direct to metal coatings and deep-dive into key applications including corrosion and water resistance for direct to metal waterborne coatings.


Hear from: Dr. Joey Ruiz- Principal Scientist, Solvay and Zuhal Kangal- Key Account Manager, Solvay






Webinar 3

Waterborne silicone resin emulsion for high temperature resistant coatings

Tuesday, May 4th @ 2pm EST


In addition to introducing a novel heat resistant silicone resin emulsion, this presentation will outline formulation flexibility for moderate temperature resistant coatings, namely silicone-acrylic hybrid coatings.


Hear from: Jennifer Duley- Dow






Webinar 4

Low viscosity HSBC polymers for low VOC coatings

Tuesday, May 11th @ 2pm EST


A discussion on new SEBS innovation technologies for solvent-based coatings. We will present the latest low viscosity SEBS polymers specifically designed to be formulated with both non-exempt and exempt solvents with the target of achieving the lowest possible VOC ratings.


Hear from: Rich Phelan- Account Manager, Kraton






Webinar 5

Concept to Reality: role of acid catalyst

Tuesday, May 18th @ 2pm EST


NACURE® SC Super Concentrates are a new line of acid catalysts with an acid content of 50% or more. Proven NACURE quality components are provided at higher concentration for formulators seeking lower formulation costs while achieving performance goals.


Hear from: Matt Salvi- Technical Sales Specialist, King Industries






Webinar 6

Fundamentals of direct to metal coatings

Tuesday, May 25th @ 2pm EST


Examine the role of waterborne acrylic technology in the direct to metal (DTM) coatings market including the complexity of formulating these coatings, the role of the binder and additives in product performance.


Hear from: Kathleen Auld- Technical Service, Dow






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