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Methyl N-Amyl Ketone (MAK)

We are your source for Methyl N- Amyl Ketone (MAK) 

Methyl n-Amyl Ketone (MAK) is a very good solvent for cellulosic lacquers, acrylic lacquers, and high-solids coatings. Because regulations limit the weight of solvent per gallon of coating, formulators favor the use of low-density solvents that help reduce the VOC content of a coating. MAK is lower in density than ester, aromatic hydrocarbons, and glycol ether solvents with similar evaporation rates. The low density and high activity of MAK are significant advantages when formulating high-solids coatings to meet VOC guidelines. MAK is also used as a polymerization solvent for high solids acrylic resins.


  • Excellent solvent activity
  • High dilution ratio
  • Slow evaporation rate
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Low surface area
  • Low density
  • Non - HAP
  • Non -SARA
  • REACH Compliant


  • Technical
  • High Purity

Products available

  • Methyl Amyl Ketone
  • Methyl Amyl Ketone – High Purity
  • Custom blends and dilutions

Sizes available

  • Bulk rail car
  • Bulk tank truck
  • Totes (IBC)
  • Drums


Auto refinish

Refinish clear-coats and primers


Chemical cleaner, photoresist, photographic imaging film, process solvent


Creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps and detergents



Industrial Coatings

Synesthetic resin finishes, lacquers, high solids, printing inks, graphic art

Process solvents


Univar Solutions is the premier Methyl N- Amyl Ketone distributor in the USA

  • Vast network of 120+ wholly owned facilities with bulk tank, rail car, blending and packaging infrastructure
  • Efficient private fleet with dedicated drivers servicing local regions
  • Partnership with world class suppliers offering various manufacturing sites and production processes
  • Experienced sales force with broad product and market knowledge

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