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Simple Foods to Nourish


Innovating to keep pace with consumer demands for cleaner food ingredient labels, Univar Solutions is working closely with our partners and food brands to deliver a simple ingredient line formulated to nourish, sustain and maintain in the New Now.


Food is more than just the calories we eat or drink—it is a sensory aspect of our lives, an experience we create when we begin and end each day at home, caring for ourselves and our families. And as we spend more time at home, food experiences are both a comfort and a reward. Designing what goes into the foods and beverages we consume every day is also an art and science – and a key part of the consumer experience we want to provide.

Formulators and brands have an opportunity to provide the freshest ingredients formulated to fit a clean profile, keeping health, nutrition and wellness at the core of our food experiences. 

Catering for better nutrition


Now that consumers are paying attention to what they eat and are more particular about what they put into their bodies – as well as the journey their food has taken before reaching their plate – food manufacturers must meet demands for cleaner label options. Mintel reports show that 30% of U.S. adults are looking for products with fewer ingredients and more familiar ingredients. A staggering 74% are looking for more transparency.1,2 Consumers have access to information about how foods and beverages play a significant role in boosting stamina, strength and immunity, especially to fight off viruses and other health abnormalities. Shoppers have changed how they are choosing their foods with a new attention on reading labels, understanding what ingredients are in their foods, where their foods come from and which foods they should avoid. And they are looking for simple foods to nourish their body and mind.


2. Mintel Report. May 2020. A YEAR OF INNOVATION IN VMS, 2020.


Plant-based antioxidants

Extend the shelf life of your products with the NaSure® range of plant-based antioxidant solutions from Camlin Fine Sciences. NaSure® gives you a natural choice to protect against oxidation while meeting the growing consumer demand for a cleaner label.




Label-friendly functional starches

For a growing number of consumers, simpler is better. Simpler labels. Familiar ingredients. When it comes to texturizing ingredients, functionality is key. The SimPure™ portfolio of label-friendly functional starches from Cargill leverages the unique properties of a variety of botanical sources to address some of today’s most important texturizing challenges.




ow Kit

High-quality natural preservatives

With Verdad® ingredients from Corbion, we turn to mother nature to produce a range of label-friendly, natural preservatives that appeal to consumers’ growing demand for healthier products and satisfy requirements for quality and safety.





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Organic and non-GMO claims resonate with consumers

Driven by health and environmental concerns, many consumers are prioritizing clean label food ingredients with organic and non-GMO claims. Our full portfolio provides many high-quality ingredients that are easily recognized as healthier through their organic and non-GMO status.


Download non-GMO Ingredients Brochure - U.S Download non-GMO Ingredients Brochure - Canada Download Organic Ingredients Brochure - U.S. Download Organic Ingredients Brochure - Canada



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highlighting label friendly ingredients and formulations from industry leading suppliers.



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Tuesday June 8th

1pm (CST)

Join our supplier discussion on how to address your most important texturizing challenges with the SimPure™ portfolio of label-friendly functional native starches from Cargill.



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Tuesday June 10th

1pm (CST)

Join our supplier discussion on natural and label friendly solutions for preservation with the Verdad® portfolio of antimicrobials from Corbion.



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Tuesday June 15th

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Join our supplier discussion on how to extend the shelf life of your products with the NaSure® range of plant-based antioxidant solutions from Camlin Fine Sciences.





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