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Cleaning Applications for Outdoor Destinations

Bringing indoor cleaning power to your outdoor spaces

Our backyards, patios and gardens continue to serve greater purposes as outdoor offices, happy hour retreats and staycation escapes. As these outdoor living spaces continue to become more versatile aspects of our environments, many consumers are looking for ways to bring indoor cleaning outside, creating safer and more sustainable at-home destinations for rest and entertainment.  


The Outdoor Oasis outdoor cleaning formula kit helps homecare cleaning brands learn how they can develop and position their products to align with these continued at-home trends. Each prototype leverages taking the best in-class technologies that are currently applied on everyday in-home surfaces and expands their reach to your outdoor oasis. Many ingredients in this kit are derived from renewable carbon sources and are biodegradable, providing sustainable options for clean label products. Each cleaning formula was designed to tackle specific customer challenges and improve both the experience and effectiveness of outdoor cleaning maintenance, including our Cleangredients, Ecocert, SaferChoice and Nordic Swan solutions. 





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Explore innovative formulas for outdoor cleaning products



Grill Cleaner and Degreaser


Grease and baked on food, you have met your match

This no-nonsense thickened alkaline grill cleaner easily removes food-based grease and cooking oils from metal grates and interior surfaces while also restoring the shine on even the most heavily used, dull stainless steel surfaces.

Suppliers: Dow, Stepan, Sasol

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Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant


Clean and protect for long-lasting, vibrant furniture

Protect vinyl patio and pool-deck furniture from sun, moisture and dirt with this formulated spray cleaner. Our vinyl cleaner and protectant removes most environmental soils while leaving a pleasant semi-gloss and water-resistant finish. 

Suppliers: Dow, Abitec, Emerald Kalama Chemical

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SmartClean by Y2X


Ready-to-Use Hypochlorous Disinfectant Cleaner


Hypochlorous is an all-natural hard surface cleaner that is non-toxic and approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Supplier: Y2X

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Vinyl and Wood Deck Cleaner


Environmentally friendly for a safer clean

This eco-friendly cleaner helps tackle grease and oily soils on vinyl and wood decks, bringing life back to greyed or treated wood and helping restore these surfaces to their natural appearance. This cleaner can be used in a hand application or for a deeper clean with a power washer.

Suppliers: Dow, Stepan

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Glass and Window Cleaner


Deep clean with no streaks

This easy-to-use spray and wipe cleaner works on all glass surfaces including windows and glass tables. The streak-free formula not only cleans but also leaves behind a hydrophilic film, helping to defend against fingerprints and oily soils to make cleaning easier the next time.

Suppliers: Dow, Emerald Kalama Chemicals, Arylessence

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