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Touchless Stick Ingredient Solutions

Innovate across touchless stick applications

Sticks offer an innovative, fun, and—most importantly—hygienic format that appeals broadly to consumers. Whether it’s a multi-functional stick with high payoff, or a stick to cream that melts into the skin for great moisturization—the options are endless and exciting.

Building a strong touchless stick formulation can be tough, as you work to find the right structuring agents and emollients to deliver the texture and application you’re looking for. When it comes to adding in pigments, surfactants or UV filters, things can get even more challenging.

We’re to help you get started with a condensed list of tried and proven technologies to help you formulate for a range of different touchless stick applications.

Click on any of the materials below to learn more about their characteristics and benefits, and to request a sample.

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Ingredient Solutions from Our Global Portfolio


Dow's DOWSILSW-8005 C30 Resin Wax

Function: Structuring agent with moisturizing benefits

Dow's DOWSIL2503 Cosmetic Wax

Function: Structuring agent with moisturizing benefits

Dow's DOWSIL2511 Cosmetic Wax

Function: Sensory and foam enhancer with skin temperature melting wax for increased moisturization and humectancy

Dow’s E-Powders

Function: Sensory enhancers and mattifying agents

DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder

DOWSIL™ EP-9610 Cosmetic Powder

DOWSIL™ EP-9215 Cosmetic Powder

Dow's EcoSenseSurfactants

Function: Biodegradable non-ionic surfactants

Cargill's C*EmTex06328

Function: Biobased sensory enhancers

Cargill's StarDesign05340

Function: Biobased sensory enhancers


Ingredient Solutions from Our EMEA Portfolio


Hallstar's Oliwax®

Function: Biobased structuring agent

Hallstar's Olivem 900®

Function: Biobased structuring agent


Function: Solvant for organic UV filters and emollient

Kao Chemicals' BETADET® SHR

Function: Mild amphoteric surfactants

Kao Chemicals' BETADET® S-20

Function: Mild amphoteric surfactants

Poth Hille’s Waxes

Function: Biobased structuring agent


Natural waxes

Ingredient Solutions from Our North American Portfolio



Smart Solutions: Touchless Stick Ingredient Solutions with Penreco & Biosynthetic Technologies

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Penreco’s Versastique® Clear ME

Function: Structuring agent

Penreco’s Versastique® Clear SQ 5T

Function: Structuring agent & moisturizer

ElevanceSmooth CS-110 N

Function: Biobased structuring agent

Inolex's SustOleoTL

Function: Biobased sensory enhancer

New Phase Technologies' Performacol 425

Function: Structuring agent

Biosynthetic Technologies' BioEstolides

Function: Biobased thickening agent & sensory enhancer


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