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Simplify formulating with multifunctional solid gels

Versastique by Penreco® is a line of multi-functional solid gels that provide formulators a better way to formulate through simplified creation of functional and aesthetic solid stick applications. The Versastique product line includes translucent and clear stick product bases. These solid gels are an ideal base for a wide range of natural, mineral, and synthetic ingredients. They also offer excellent performance and stability benefits. Versastique can be used in numerous stick product applications, such under eye foundation, topical analgesics, sunscreen, and deodorant.






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  • Formulation friendly
    • Efficient delivery system
    • Easy to use in formulating (simply melt and mix)


  • Cost Effective
    • Reduces the amount of structural material required to make a stick application


  • Versatility
    • Compatible with a wide variety of low polarity ingredients
    • Ideal for the spectrum of natural, mineral, and synthetic ingredients
  • Performance
    • Excellent suspension properties
    • Superior moisture delivery


  • Stability
    • Stabilizes and protects your active ingredients
    • Self-preserving formulation base:
      • Low moisture/low water activity
      • Resists growth/proliferation of microorganisms
      • Heat processed and micro-filtered
    • No harsh chemicals – Versastique is milder to the skin than the soaps typically used as thickeners




The Versastique product line provides formulators with bases to help develop softer stick products that have a similar transfer rate compared to commercialized benchmarks.


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Beauty & personal care

Cosmetics/make-up, baby care, body lotions, oil gels, hair conditioners, moisturizers, lip gloss, lip balms, lip sticks, deodorants, sun care, anti-aging


Antiperspirants, sun care, topical analgesics, medicated lip care treatment, wound & scar care, dermatological products (e.g. acne & rosacea), opthalmic products

*Versastique products are all suitable for excipient or API formulations due to low microbial and moisture content, high purity, and protective characteristics. Versions with BHT available upon request.




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Penreco® is a registered trademark of Calumet Refining, LLC (“Calumet”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.