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BIO-SOFT® LFS Series: Alkoxylates with low streaking power

Stepan Company has developed two highactive alkoxylates, BIO-SOFT® LFS-04 and BIO-SOFT LFS-07, that can remove soil without leaving behind a residue. The BIO-SOFT LFS-Series finds utility in multi-purpose and multi-surface products – from tackling tough dirt and grime to cleaning windows and countertops.

Traditionally, alcohol ethoxylates are known to provide cleaning power to a formulation. However, they can leave behind a film or streaked appearance on the applied surface unlike alkyl polyglycosides (APG).  BIO-SOFT® LFS-04 and BIO-SOFT LFS-07provide cleaning power and the low filming and streaking performance that has been missing in the market. They provide superior cleaning performance and are especially effective in low-active products like floor and glass cleaners. Some can even be used as heavy duty cleaners for heavier soil loads.

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