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Amine Catalysts from BASF

Lupragen® amines can be used as PUR catalysts, and more

The Lupragen® product line from BASF includes commodity and specialty amine catalysts that are used in the polyurethane forming process and a range of other applications. Univar Solutions is proud to offer amine catalysts from a world leader in the segment as part of our broad portfolio of amines.


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  • Catalyst can be chosen to favor the gelling or blowing reaction
  • Can be used as the sole amine catalyst or in combination
  • Low VOC options available
  • Colorless options available
  • “Non-formaldehyde” production route option available

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Available Products

* Colorless

** Low VOC



Coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers

Flexible foams (e.g. mattresses), semi-rigid foams, rigid foams – PUR & PIR (e.g. insulation), spray foams, foam cans, microcellular elastomers, polyurethane coatings, adhesive coatings, automotive interior & coatings, shoe soles


API synthesis (as a proton-scavenging non-nucleophilic base)

Chemical manufacturing

Intermediate used in the production of acid binders, initial product for chemical syntheses


Univar Solutions is the premier amine catalyst distributor in the USA and Canada

  • Vast network of 150+ wholly owned facilities with bulk tank, rail car, blending, and packaging infrastructure
  • Efficient private fleet with dedicated drivers servicing local regions
  • Partnership with world class suppliers, such as BASF
  • Experienced sales force with broad product and market knowledge