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Foam Control Agents

Controlling unwanted foam in a wide range of applications

For many applications and industries, foam isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a problem. Excessive foaming can cause vessels to overflow, interfere with processes and packaging, and damage materials or equipment. Silicone antifoams and polyglycol foam control agents can help solve all of these challenges efficiently and effectively.

Different chemistries

Silicones are especially effective for foam control – both as antifoams that prevent foam from forming, and as defoamers that react to foam and help minimize it. Silicone foam control products are available as fluids, emulsions, compounds and powders to meet many different applications.

Polypropylene glycols (PPGs) and EO/PO copolymers are also effective foam control agents because of their low foam characteristics and inverse water solubility. These products are available in liquid form, with different molecular weights and viscosities to meet diverse needs.

Trusted performance in many industries

Although every foaming situation is unique, silicone and polyglycol foam control solutions are trusted for their proven performance as processing aids, defoamers, foam preventers and deaeration materials in various industries, including:

Crop Protection 

Beverage Processing 

Food Processing 

Pulp Processing 

Cleaning Products 

Water Treatment 

Metal & Glass fluid Working 

Oil & Gas Processing 

Textile Production 

Chemical Processing 

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