Reduce the risk when chemically descaling with Caflon Safe RHC

Caflon Safe RHC is a technically advanced modified acid that enables organisations to reduce the risk of serious harm to colleagues and employees when carrying out chemical descaling activities.

Modified to be non-corrosive to skin and classified as low fuming, Caflon Safe outperforms traditional cleaning acids with superior descaling performance and reduced metal corrosive properties.

Non-corrosive to skin, Caflon Safe RHC is proven not to damage dermal tissue even after fifteen minutes of exposure to a 100% concentrate solution.

Chemically classified as low fuming, the risk of accidents through vapour inhalation is significantly reduced. Comparative to other acids, Caflon Safe also has a reduced eye irritation safety profile. 

Caflon Safe's highly effective cleaning ability works at ambient temperature, meaning there's no need to heat the acid before application. 

For safety professionals looking to reduce the risk of chemical descaling, Caflon Safe provides a safer and more effective alternative to using traditional high-risk acids.

Caflon Safe RHC is proven to outperforms conventional descaling agents and offers superior cleaning performance.

Tests show that it has the power to solubilise and clean substantial scale build-up, easily surpassing the effectiveness of traditional acids.

Caflon Safe gets the job done, combining safety and powerful cleaning. It has a wide range of applications, from domestic cleaning through the industrial descaling of heat exchange systems and boilers.

Tests show Caflon Safe RHC has low metal corrosion properties, achieving corrosion rates on any typical grade steel well below traditional acid systems.

In comparison to other acid cleaning systems, Caflon Safe can help you extend the life of your equipment, while providing exceptional cleaning and game changing safety profile.

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Browse our CAFLON Safe range. Environmentally responsible modified acid product line that minimizes the hazards, corrosion rates, and negative HS&E properties of HCl, while maintaining the positive aspects, such as solubilizing ability and reactivity rates. 

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