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Keeping it Clean: Face & Body Cleansing Solutions

Cleansing solutions for all skin types

As skin care continues to dominate as the priority for consumers, brand and formulators are faced with increasing expectations to develop the next cleansing solution for the face and body. Hitting the mark on cleansing can be challenging—the goal is to offer a refreshing sensory experience with great texture, while purifying and enhancing the skin without stripping or over-drying.

Gone are the days when consumers were happy with just a standard cleanser that had a nice lather and effectively removed dirt and debris. Today’s cleansers offer unique benefits, and focused solutions for specific skin challenges while addressing consumers’ desire to know what kinds of surfactants, emollients and actives are in their products. The Clean Beauty Movement has driven ingredient literacy to an all-time high, and creating cleansing solutions that appeal to a wide consumer base requires a thoughtful approach.

Ingredients to get your cleansing formulations started

We’ve developed a face & body cleansing ingredients solution guide to help your cleansers stand out on the shelf, focusing on the key core cleansing chemistries you’ll need to get started on a new formulation or improve on an existing one. Click on any ingredient below to learn more and request a sample or quote. 

Discover more with our prototype cleansing formulations to inspire you.



Cleansing agents & emulsifiers for the face & body

Whether you’re developing cleansing solutions for the face or body, focusing on specific skin concerns or just general cleansing—the cleansing agents you select are critical. Consumers want products that cleanse without drying and are gentle but highly effective. When it comes to face cleansing routines, it’s important to keep in mind that your consumer may have a multi-step or layered process leveraging oil-based and water-based cleansers. We provide a selection of versatile cleansing agents that can help you formulate for a variety of face and body cleansers without compromising on performance.



Thickeners & texturizers for cleansing

Building unique textures and formats for your face and body cleansing products is a great way to stand out on the shelves. You can explore gels, creams, jellies, balms or even milks. Sustainable cleansing formats are also a great option, or offer your consumers products that are convenient for travel. To get you started, we’ve highlighted several bio-based thickeners which you can use to create a range of viscosities, while also conditioning the skin and allowing for excellent suspension properties for dyes, pigments and even physical exfoliants.



Moisturizing agents, emollients & skin conditioners

An effective cleanser should leave the skin feeling clean, soft, moisturized and prepared for the next steps in the beauty care process. There are a range of chemistries that can help you care for the skin within your cleansing solutions and expand on your product claims. Our cleansing ingredient solutions include emollients as well as unique skin conditioners that offer skin soothing and skin softening benefits.



Additional ingredient solutions for face & body cleansing

Once you’ve selected your core cleansing materials, it’s time to explore the additional ingredients that can help with differentiation, as well as ease the formulating process. We’ve included some versatile colour, neutralizing agents and sensory enhancers to help you create truly unique formulations.


Cleansing formulations to inspire

With so much to consider, it’s our job to help you get started—and that means inspiring strong cleansing formulations that allow you to explore interesting textures, how to incorporate unique materials and address targeted skin care claims. We’ve selected a few to get you started:

Smoked Onyx Complexion Clarifying Paste

This cleansing clarifying paste will deeply and gently cleanse, purify and decongest your skin Upon contact with water, it transforms to a milky soft abundant texture accompanying you on a new sensorial voyage. Click here to access

Divine Cocooning Shower Body Mask

Add a luxurious melting touch to any shower anywhere! This 2-in-1 shower butter deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin, while cleansing. Indulge anywhere and anytime with a marvelous melting texture. Click here to access

3-in-1 Cleanser Gel

Do you want a multipurpose product that allows you to simplify your shower routine and cleanse your body, face and hair all-in-one go? This one has excellent foaming performance and conditions both your hair and skin while fighting against body odors. Click here to access.

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