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Coagulants for the Water Treatment Industry

Coagulants and their application 


Coagulants are an essential part of a water treatment system. They are used to remove a wide variety of hazardous materials from water, ranging from organic matter to inorganics and toxic materials.

Univar Solutions portflio of products includes both inoganic and orgnanic coagulants. We provide traditional used coagulents such as Aluminum Sulfate (Alum), Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) and Ferric Chloride and to meet the needs of an evolving market, challenged by regulatory complexity and environmental limitations we also offer organic, biodegradable and/or plant-based products. 

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Coagulants for the Water Treatment Industry

  Product Portfolio 

  • Ferric Chloride 
  • Ferrous 
  • Aluminium Chloride 
  • Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) 
  • Aluminium Sulphate 
  • Magnesium Chloride 
  • Magnesium Sulphate 
  • Caflon BICO (Plant Based) 
  • PolyDADMAC
  • Polyamine 
  • Calcium Hydroxide (Lime) 

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