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Flocculants for the Water Treatment Industry

Water-based Dispersion Flocculants 

Within the water treatment industry, powder and emulsion flocculants are commonly used. However, due to several disadvantages, water-based flocculants are on the rise within the market. 

Water-based dispersion flocculants require little dissolution time and can be added directly when necessary, meaning that they need to be limited to no equipment to be dosed. They also require less water to dilute, offering formulators a saving on both water and energy costs. In addition, they can be blended with other polymers, making them extremely efficient due to improved flocculation.

More than distribution, Univar Solutions offers the capability to blend and create specialised flocculants to suit your individual requirements. To discover how to improve your current treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Water-based dispersion flocculants for the water treatment industry

Key Benefits 



  • Free of solvents, oils, and surfactants

  • Low carbon footprint

  • No emission of VOC’s

Easy to formulate

  • Direct dosing possible

  • Solely static mixer required

  • Allows blends with other polymers

Performance efficacy

  • Most effective active polymer exploitation

  • Low-cost dosing equipment

  • No Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) added to the system

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Water-based dispersion flocculants for the water treatment industry

Caflon Floc™

Univar Solutions are proud to distribute Caflon Floc™ Series. This water-based dispersion polymer is a safe and more sustainable choice to tackle the physico-chemical treatment of wastewater, whilst also enhancing performance efficacy and reducing the need for CAPEX Investment. Our unique technology also allows crosslinked polymers which are known to offer great performance in sludge dewatering when using centrifuges.

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