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Goals to 2021

Our journey to a more sustainable future

Univar Solutions has established global sustainability goals around six of our key areas of responsibility. These goals mark a step forward in our journey to a more sustainable future, ensuring greater transparency, accountability, and measurability of our actions against our material topics.

Our goals listed below run through 2021, with performance evaluated through our specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound objectives. The baseline for our goals is from our 2016 reporting year, in which we achieved greater confidence in our data across all of our regions.


Energy and Emissions

Minimize Univar Solutions' environmental impact by reducing energy use and associated emissions.



Resource Use
Embed the principles of advancing a circular economy into our practices globally.



Responsible Handling
Protect our people, communities, and the environment by leading a "zero release” culture to minimize major releases.

Continually improve Univar Solutions' proud safety record, protecting our workforce and demonstrating we are serious about safety.



Sustainable Supply Chain
Lead on transparency in the supply chain as we responsibly manage and influence the environmental and social impacts of our suppliers.



Equality and Diversity
Demonstrate Univar Solutions' commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employees, through training, education, and reporting.


We will continue to monitor and review our progress against our goals through 2021, developing them as appropriate to ensure they continue to be material to our operational impacts as well as the demands of our stakeholders.

For details on our measurement of these goals and our progress against them, please visit our 2018 Sustainability Report.