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Cargill Beauty's sustainable cocoa butter

A unique emollient that provides a responsible experience

Cargill Beauty's sustainable cocoa butter is an excellent opportunity for personal care manufacturers to develop products with a rich sensory experience, backed by a strong sustainability program. Compared to other emollients, such as shea butter and cocoa butter that demonstrates a unique crystallization to improve the sensory appearance, viscosity and texture of the final formulation. In addition, the rapid melting behavior of cocoa butter results in a light, gliding sensation on the skin.

From at-home wellness to relaxing beauty rituals in the bathroom, today's consumers are seeking high-level personal care experiences. With the pandemic disrupting their travel plans, they want to experience the world from the comfort of their home and indulge in an Insta-worthy experience that will engage all their senses.


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Sustainable cocoa butter is a high-efficient raw material used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • INCI Name: Theobroma cacao seed butter
  • Appearance: White butter
  • Odor: Lavender (floral)
  • Melting Range (°C): 30 - 34
  • Origin: West Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Ghana)
  • Hand Cream: 5 – 15%
  • Skin & Hair: 3 – 10%
  • Lipstick care: 4 – 25%



Sustainable cocoa butter properties:

  • White & deodorized cocoa butter
  • Fast melting and slippery on the skin
  • Less shiny, less sticky, and smoother (skin care)
  • Nourishing, smooth (hair care)


Sustainable cocoa butter Sustainability:

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Mass balance
  • Cosmos approved
  • Easily biodegradable*
  • 100% Naturally derived, (according to ISO 16128)
  • Origin: Ghana, Ivory Coast & Cameroon


Sustainable cocoa butter consumer benefits

  • Better environmental impact
  • Relieves dry skin
  • Vegan friendly **
  • Halal & Kosher***

*Literature data

**Suitable by vegan.org standards

***Certified by the competent organizations

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