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Emultop™ Velvet IP

Emultop™ Velvet IP is an easy to handle in cold & hot conditions primary emulsifier enriched with Phosphatidyl Cholin (PC). Under Fluid form, Emultop™ Velvet IP allows to emulsify up to 20% of medium to polar vegetable oils.

Emultop™ Velvet IP gives a velvety smooth touch on the skin with second skin effect  and improves active ingredient bio-availabilityEmultop Velvet IP is extracted from soy, 100% nature-derived1, with NGM guarantee thanks to Cargill’s fully integrated Identity Preserved (IP) system being certified by SGS. This product is part of Cargill’s comprehensive offering of high quality products from trusted sources & origins.

1according to ISO 16128



  • INCI name: Lecithin
  • Appearance: Brown viscous liquid
  • Cosmos approved
  • pH range: 4-8
  • Dose of use: 0.1-3%




  • Face day cream: 0.2-3%
  • Body milk: 0.2-2%
  • Face serum: 0.1-1%

Emultop™ Velvet IP benefits:


  • 100% nature-derived1
  • Biocompatible & bio mimicry emulsifier
  • Skin barrier restructuring emulsifier




  • Source of essential fatty acids
  • Safe for all skin types

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