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Floralips® Moringa Butter

What are the traditional benefits of moringa oil?

Moringa has benefited humanity since antiquity. Ancient Egyptians used moringa in cosmetics, medicine and remedies for skin disorders. Moringa has also been used in India and Africa as a source of sustenance providing much needed nutrients and vitamins. The moringa tree in Senegal is called the Nebeday, meaning “the tree that never dies,” because of the tree’s ability to grow and survive under many conditions.

Moringa oil and the leaves of the moringa tree are the latest trend in health and beauty. The leaves are sought for their abundance of vitamins and antioxidants and the oil for its stability, functionality and rich emolliency.

Floralips® Moringa Butter: a superior aesthetic profile butter for a healthy skin

Floralipids® Moringa Butter is the interesterification product of moringa oil with fully hydrogenated moringa oil. The result is a highly viscous, white to off-white, odorless paste that leaves a matte, dry and non-glossy appearance when applied to the skin neat. Although it has a higher melting point than skin temperature, it penetrates the stratum corneum to reduce trans-epidermis water loss (TEWL) thus retaining moisture in the skin.

This butter provides exceptional skin hydration and enhances barrier recovery. It has a rich, cushiony, silky, non-greasy skin feel and a matte appearance. It has been shown to increase hydration better than shea, cocoa or olive butters.

Floralipids® Moringa Butter is very stable compared to other cosmetic butters, with an excellent OSI of 170 hours at 110°C.

It is comparable to petrolatum in barrier function and is an excellent emollient for both skin and hair care formulations. Floralipids® Moringa Butter contributes to emulsion stability as it has excellent miscibility with other cosmetic lipids. In cosmetic formulations, this butter helps to build viscosity in creams and lotions and lends structure to balms and stick products.


Typical properties Floralipids® Moringa Butter

Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil (99.95%)

Tocopherol (0.05%)

Composition by INCI Name White to slightly off white, odorless paste
Appearance 2-4%
Melting Point (°C) 46
Cosmos Approved Yes




  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Sun care
  • Toiletries
  • Color cosmetics
  • Anhydrous products
  • Sticks

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Floralipids® Moringa Butter general benefits

  • Long lasting moisturization
  • Increased skin barrier recovery
  • Emolliency
  • Cushiony, silky, non-greasy feel on skin
  • Extended shelf life
  • Oxidatively stable
  • Matte appearance
  • Bodying agent
  • Low color and odor
  • Increased stick strength
  • Wide compatibility profile
  • Nature derived*





*According to ISO16128


Increased skin hydration



Comparison chart of sking hydration with Moringa Butter versus other butters