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Satiagum™ VPC 430

I want to use Cosmos approved ingredient to create an aqueous fluid texture with glide effect when apply on the skin

Discover our nature derived* ingredient, Satiagum™ VPC 430 a LAMBDA carrageenan, a natural thickening agent that creates a continuous flow & glide to the formula.

Thanks to Cargill’s expertise, discover how to play in combination with the other carrageenans to enter a new world of texture

*100% nature derived


  • INCI : Carrageenan/ Chondrus
    crispus extract
  • Appearance: Powder form
  • Charge : anionic
  • Cold water dispersible & processable
  • Compatibility : electrolytes, alcohol up to 30% & mixed micelles (anionic/amphoteric/non ionic)
  • pH range : 5-9
  • Dose of use : 0.1-2%


  • Skin care
  • Cleanser
  • Hair styling
  • Shaving
  • Color Cosmetic

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Satiagum™ VPC 430 benefits

  • Thickener for fluid formulas
  • Viscosity not impacted by salt addition
  • Improve glide-nature derived alternative to wellknown chemistry
  • Fresh sensory
  • Smooth film forming
  • Sustainability :
    • 100% nature derived (ISO 16128)
    • Sourced through the Red Seaweed PromiseTM
    • Readily Biodegradable (OECD 301)
    • Good for the communities that cultivated the red seaweed
    • Good to preserve the marine environment
    • Cosmos approved
    • Vegan suitable by vegan.org standards
    • Halal & Kosher certified by competent organizations

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