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ACULYN™ Excel Rheology Modifier

Don't let a low pH affect suspending properties and transparence


When it comes to personal cleansing products, consumers want to see bubbles and beads, assuring them a buoyant, effective product for the best clean possible. Formulators need a product that delivers excellent suspension, while at the same time enabling crystal clear formulations.

Give consumers what they desire with ACULYN™ Excel Rheology Modifier, a suspension aid that helps provide consumer multi-functional cleansing systems performing over a pH range from 4 and above while delivering optimized transparency for slightly acidic formulations.


Hold particles in place

With a smooth flow and clear formulation, ACULYN™ Excel is a versatile ingredient that delivers suspension and clarity. The ingredient is compatible and efficient with a variety of systems including mild, sulfate-free surfactants. The versatility of ACULYN™ Excel allows formulators to utilize its suspending and thickening properties in multiple applications.

Don't let a low pH affect suspending properties

Effective over a broad pH range from 3 to 11, ACULYN™ Excel holds bubbles in place throughout the system even in the more challenging low pH values, all while retaining its transparent properties so consumer can see exactly what's being suspended.

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  • INCI Name: Acrylates Copolymer
  • Appearance: White low viscosity emulsion
  • Ionic Nature: Anionic
  • Active matter: 30-32%
  • pH: 3.0-4.0



  • Body washes and exfoliating body washes
  • Facial washes and exfoliating facial cleansers
  • Liquid hand soaps
  • Shampoos and conditioning shampoos
  • Sulfate-free cleansing formulations
  • Mild cleansing formulations
  • Skin Care lotions and serums


ACULYN™ Excel Rheology Modifier Formulation Benefits: 

  • Efficient at suspending both beads and bubbles at low pH values
  • Offers a smooth flow
  • Compatible and efficient with a variety of surfactants including mild surfactants
  • Compatible with typical ingredients used in cleansing formulations


  • Exhibits clear formulations
  • Efficient at thickening and suspending in sulfate-free surfactant systems
  • Effective over a broad pH range from 3 to 11



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