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DOWSIL™ EL-7314 Silicone Elastomer Blend

A sensory additive for long-lasting effect

Combines long-lasting benefits with extremely high comfort of wear and can deliver transforming textures. This sensory additive has exceptional skin substantivity making it the ideal silicone elastomer for long lasting claims. DOWSIL™ EL-7314  Silicone Elastomer Blend is the sensory additive of choice for semi-permanent claims in products such as tattoos, make-up.



  • INCI Name: Isododecane (and) Hexyl/Succinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer
  • Apperance : Clear to translucent, colorless to light amber, no significant particulate. Thick gel may be crumbly in appearance.
  • Viscosity / > 1,000,000 Cp
  • Non-volatile Content : 30–32%
  • D4/D5/D6 Level (%) : <0,1



  • Semi-permanent tattoos and color cosmetics
  • Color cosmetics and skin care products:
  • Face care
  • Premium body care

DOWSIL™ EL-7314 Silicone Elastomer Blend Benefits:


  • Clear to translucent crosslinked silicone-organic elastomer gel delivered in an isododecane carrier fluid
  • Enhances substantivity of anhydrous and water-based formulations
  • Excellent sebum, water, and rub-off resistance
  • Ability to incorporate water and polar materials while maintaining a viscous, gel structure
  • Improved organic compatibility versus traditional silicone elastomer gels




  • Provides thickening benefits with organic solvents and in alcohol-based systems
  • Cold processing
  • Can perform as a co-emulsifier in water-in-oil formulations, allowing for water levels in excess of 60%
  • Rheology modifier in water based and anhydrous systems

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