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DOWSIL™ EP-9608 Cosmetic Powder

Oil-loaded silicone elastomer powder capable of providing a rich and moist sensory texture


DOWSIL™ EP-9608 Cosmetic Powder is a particularly soft, oil-loaded silicone elastomer powder capable of providing a rich and moist sensory texture, dispersing easily and with less agglomeration. Its translucent appearance helps naturally hide pores and provides excellent affinity to skin. In addition, DOWSIL™ EP-9608 Cosmetic Powder supports low viscosity emulsion formulations, its low thickening effect providing a fresh sensory feel.

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  • INCI: Dimethicone Crosspolymer (and) Dimethicone
  • White powder
  • Hardness (JIS Type A) 7
  • Particle Size (µm) : 1.0 – 8.0
  • Active content (%) : 100
  • D4/D5/D6 Level (%) : <0,1
  • China compliant : Yes



  • Creams, lotions and serums
  • Anhydrous formulation, such as pressed foundation
  • Color cosmetic formulations



DOWSIL™ EP-9608 Cosmetic Powder Formulation Benefits

  • Enhancing smoothness and blending into skin by outstanding softness of the powder
  • Natural finish and excellent pore hiding effect
  • Giving rich and moisture feel
  • Ease of handling, less agglomeration, easy to disperse
  • Can be formulated in various forms; powder, emulsion, oil, wax products
  • Giving fluid texture with oils even with high dosage of the powder

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