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Formulate with DOWSIL™ Silicone Elastomers!

Versatile, multifunctional sensory enhancers with a proven safety profile and low D4/D5 content to meet your regulatory requirements.

Dow offers a wide range of Silicone Elastomers to enhance your next skin care formulation.





Free Flowing

Low Agglomeration

Ease of Formulation

Sebum Absorption

Wrinkle Masking/ Soft Focus

Anhydrous Blends

Volatile or non-volatile carrier fluid

Compatibility with organic ingredients (actives)

Can incorporate water

Actives Delivery Aid (sunscreen, vitamins, etc.)

Increases absorbency/ Sensory skin feel

Rheology Modifier/ Thickens Oil Phase

Creates Clear Formulations

Cold Process/ Ease of Formulation

Water Based

Pre-emulsified water dispersible elastomers

Applicable for Hair Care Styling Formulations

Ease of Formulation





Dow Silicone Elastomer Powders can be added to a wide range of formulations, including:

  • Face and body creams, lotions, gels
  • Color cosmetics such as foundations, loose and pressed powders, eye shadows, bronzers and highlighters and lipsticks
  • Sun care products

These products are easy to formulate and can be added directly to a compatible liquid phase without the need for making a premix in another fluid. For powder or solid formulations, they can be ground directly with other powders.


DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder
  • Easy dispersion in different media (even in the presence of pigments)
  • Provides wrinkle masking benefits
  • Gives dry, silky powdery skin feel
  • Oil and sebum reduction
  • Oil phase thickener (see figure below)
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*Viscosity of water-in-silicone cream

DOWSIL™ EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder
  • Water dispersible and oil dispersible in a variety of media
  • Provides wrinkle masking, soft-focus look and mattifying effect
  • Gives unique, smooth, powdery skin feel
  • Oil and sebum reduction (see figure below)
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*Dow internal formulation

Silicone Organic Elastomer Blends

This category of Dow Silicone Elastomers offers clear to slightly translucent crosslinked silicone-organic elastomer gels delivered in various carrier fluids. These products are able to act as a delivery aid and incorporate filters, pigments, and other actives while maintaining a viscous, gel structure.

When you are considering sustainability, save energy by using a cold process with silicone organic elastomer blends. These products are compatible with organics, both lipophilic and water-based, and can even create clear systems with unique aesthetics.

These products are available with a variety of carrier fluids and viscosities. These products are available with a variety of carrier fluids and viscosities. For more information, please visit XXX.

DOWSIL™ EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend
  • Provides smooth feel and matte appearance
  • Good compatibility with organic oils
  • Can incorporate water and polar materials such as glycerin
  • Can enhance sensory effects for increased absorption
  • Creates a fast-break emulsion that can deliver a burst of water to the skin
  • Can create clear systems
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DOWSIL™ EL-8050 ID Silicone Organic Elastomer Blend
  • Provides a dry, silky feel to formulations
  • Provides a mattifying effect to the skin
  • Good compatibility with organic oils, including sunscreens
  • Improved non-transfer in color cosmetics (longer wear)
  • Can create clear systems
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Silicones have a safe and sustainable safety profile backed by hundreds of years of scientific results. For customers seeking globally compliant materials due to D4/D5 environmental regulation in the European Union, many silicone elastomers are low D4/D5 content (< 0.1%) and compliant with this regulation.

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