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EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder

EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder is a multifunction product for powders, lotions, creams and sticks.

What’s better than a cosmetic powder that provides multifunctional benefits such as soft focus, sebum absorption and sensorial benefits? One that does it sustainably. EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder by Dow is a new amorphous silica upcycled from rice agriculture by-product feedstock. This new silica is an optical and sensory enhancer that can be used in a variety of applications, including skin care, color cosmetics, and hair care. It can be easily incorporated into either the oil phase or the water phase of formulations and is compatible with a large array of product formats such as sticks, creams, lotions, primers, loose or compact powders..



Typical properties MaizeCare ™Clarity Polymer
Appearance Off White Powder
SiO2 content, ignited basis (%)  > 98
Whiteness index (%)      > 90
Recommended use level (%)

0.5 - 10

D50 (μm)

4 – 7

pH suspension at 5%

5 - 7.5

Surface area (m2/g)

500 - 700

Shelf life

2 years

Natural Origin Content

(ISO Standard 16128-2:2017)


GMO status


China compliance

Listed in the catalog of cosmetic ingredients




  • Skin care
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Sun care

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  • Sebum absorption
  • Water absorption
  • Optical blur to skin
  • Smooth sensorial experience
  • Humectancybenefit
  • Compaction benefit
  • In vivo sebum absorption