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EcoSmooth™ Universal Fluid 1100: Upcycled and biodegradable emollient

Up-cycling ingredient made in part from sugar cane or wheat harvests waste

Upcycling! EcoSmooth ™Universal Fluid 1100 is a versatile ingredient for a sustainable & purpose driven brand

Upcycled ingredients are kicking it off in beauty. Once consumers start understanding what an upcycled ingredient is, brands can use these new terms in their communication platforms. Their goal is to enhance the natural derived benefits as well as the positive impact in the environment through circularity.

Achieving a zero-waste goal is a significant challenge for any beauty brand. One solution is to use ingredients made with or from upcycled materials.

Dow is supporting brands' journey toward a more sustainable future, by launching EcoSmooth ™Universal Fluid 1100, a performing material made in part with feedstocks from what is left on the fields of sugar cane or wheat harvests.


Typical properties EcoSmooth™ Universal Fluid 1100

Ethyl PG Acetal Levulinate

Appearance Clear Crystal liquid
Active content


Flash point 111.5 ºC
Refractive index at 25 ºC 1.430
Volatility Low
Biodegradability Ultimately biodegradable (ASTM E 1720 -01*)
Natural origin index (ISO 16128) 0.7

These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications

* Similar guidelines to OECD Guideline 301B



  • Skin care
  • AP/Deo Roll-On
  • Sun care
  • Make-up

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  • Support the formulation of fully organic/natural products: 0.7 naturality index (ISO 16128)
  • Ultimately biodegradable (ASTM E 1720 01*)
  • Good spreadability
  • Non greasy & non tacky for a light feel
  • Soft skin feel
  • Partly volatile allowing good play time but still low residue after feel
  • Ease of formulation: highly compatible profile with cosmetic ingredients and fragrances

* Guidelines are similar to OECD Guideline 301B.

Sensory profile neat materials (18 panelists)

Comparison with XIAMETER ™PMX 0245 Cyclopentasiloxane