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MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer

What is a bio-polymer?

Biopolymers are produced by cells of living organisms. Cell produces biopolymer by creating covalent bond between natural monomers. Biopolymers are classified following the nature of monomer: polynucleotides, polypeptide and polysaccharides.

It can be obtained by extraction from plant, bio-fermentation or chemically reproduced.

It can be use as:

  • Sclerotium gum
  • Carrageenan
  • Cellulose microcrystalline

or optimize by hydrolyzing like:

  • Hydrolyze corn starch

or by grafting chemical functionality like:

  • Esterified starch
  • Starch ether
  • Cellulosic Ether
  • Polyquaternium-10
  • Alkyl Polyglycolides

MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer: The clarity you want & the performance you need in a sustainable hair styling product

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients which has fueled the demand for more sustainable hair styling products. MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer is bio-based and biodegradable with film-forming properties that provide a non-tacky feel on touch when styling.

The corn-based ingredient can be used as a high-performing fixative polymer that offers curl retention, hair stiffness, carbomer compatibility for crystal clear formulations.


Typical properties MaizeCare ™Clarity Polymer

Hydrolyzed Corn Starch

Appearance Off White Powder
Cosmos Approved Yes
Readily Biodegradable Yes
China compliance

Listed in the catalog of cosmetic ingredients

Typical use level





  • Hair styling: spray, gel, wax
  • Hair care: leave-on conditioner, rinse-off condition, shampoo for curl definition and retention
  • Make-up for long-lasting color

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  • Styling agent for crystal clear hair gels and pump sprays
  • Ideal solution for formulators seeking environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Cold water formulation process
  • Aqueous solution forms a natural film on the hair
  • Ability to achieve a range of hold levels with excellent aesthetics
  • Imparts styling durability
  • Excellent humidity resistance and curl retention over 12 hours at 80% RH
  • and acceptable curl retention at 90% RH
  • Compatible with synthetic and natural rheology modifiers




Natural Positioning & Regulatory

  • Natural source
  • Plant origin
  • ISO 16128
  • Non-GMO

Performance data: Curl Compression/Hair Stiffness



Comparison chart of sking hydration with Moringa Butter versus other butters



Performance data: High Humidity Curl Retention 25 C/80%RH