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POLYOX™ family of sensory enhancers for cleansing & grooming products


POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins are nonionic polymers that deliver sensory enhancement to a range of personal care products A water soluble additive designed to enhance the density and fullness of the foam in shampoos, body washes and liquid soaps. It does synergistically enhance conditioning of dry and wet hair and skin in formulations containing cationic conditioning polymers.





  • INCI: PEG-14M
  • Approx. Molecular Weight 600,000 g/mol
  • Appearance: White powder
  • POLYOX™ WSR-205 improves the foam quality and feel in skin and hair cleansing formulations, providing cues which reinforce the perception of moisturization and softness. In shaving gel/cream formulations, the addition of POLYOX™ WSR-205 enhances the foam feel and provides lubrication between the skin and the razor blade.






  • INCI: PEG-90M
  • Approx. Molecular Weight 4,000,000 g/mol
  • Appearance: White powder
  • POLYOX™ WSR-301 enhances the foam feel and provides lubrication between the skin and the razor blade in shaving gel and cream formulations. The addition of POLYOX™ WSR 301 to hair styling gels, creams, and waxes allows formulators to design styling products with fiber effects, enabled by its high molecular weight.





  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Liquid hand soaps and bar soaps
  • Shaving products
  • Hair styling products


POLYOX™ Formulation Benefits 

  • Hydrodynamic drag reduction
  • Slip/lubricious feel
  • Smooth after-feel
  • Foam density improvement
  • Synergistic boost of hair conditioning and deposition performance when combined with UCARE™ and SoftCAT™ Polymers
  • Improved spreadability

POLYOX™ Skin Care Formulation Benefits

  • Emolliency
  • Enhanced spreadability
  • Foam booster
  • Sensory enhancer (smooth feel)
  • Slip / lubricity
  • Texture enhancer

POLYOX™ Hair Care Formulation Benefits

  • Enhanced Wet Combing
  • Foam Booster
  • Sensory Enhancer
  • Texture Enhancer

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