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Inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO, the argan tree is an endemic woodland species mainly found in the Agadir region of Morocco and in Algeria. With approximately 21 million trees, it is believed to be the second most abundant tree of the Moroccan forest. It is incredibly adapted to survive in some of the harsh conditions of the desert. Despite minimal rainfall every year, the tree has a life span of approximately 125 to more than 200 years. 

The argan tree forms an integral part of the life of the native tribe the Berbers who have lived there for hundreds of years. The history of the tree is intertwined in their culture, and it became known to them as "The Tree Of Life" due to the fact that they use every part of the tree to supply their population; from sources of building materials to firewood and to a source of food.  Traditionally, they roasted the kernels first. They then crushed them into a paste and left that to rest so that the oil could separate from the water and subsequently be collected.  Nothing goes to waste, the remaining residue which is a thick chocolate coloured paste that the Berbers called ’amlou’, is used as a dip for bread and forms part of their staple diet.



  • Argan Oil Crude (Organic)
  • Argan Oil Crude (Fair For Life, Organic)
  • INCI: Argania spinosa Kernel Oil


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Our Fair For Life certified Argan Oil is produced by a woman cooperative in Morocco.

Each year the members of the cooperative gather to discuss how they want to use the Fair Trade premium / fund generated from the Fair Trade sales. These are some of the projects carried out so far:

  • Construction of a restaurant to welcome tourists and visitors, which makes an additional income and activity for the women of the cooperative
  • Visit of a doctor and medical records for each member.
  • Air conditioners installed in the Argan processing unit.  
  • Opening of bank accounts with a provision of 10 € per account, all women members beneficiaries.
  • Development of packaging and communication (brochures, labels…).
  • Contribution to finance the roof of the new cooperative building, a building that complies with HACCP standards to obtain BRC certification


Once the argan fruit has been collected, the soft pulp is removed by hand, the most labour-intensive part of the process. The pulp is used as animal feed.

The hard nuts are then cracked between two stones by hand and the seeds removed. This traditional process has been handed down to the women, generation after generation. The Argan kernels are then cold pressed in a stainless steel press and decanted. After 1-2 weeks the oil is filtered to produce a clear and bright top quality product.


Argan oil has numerous cosmetic properties which can be used for a variety of formulations. Traditionally used as a treatment for skin conditions and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair, Argan oil has become increasingly popular.

Thanks to its excellent nourishing and regenerating properties, it is a valuable skin moisturizer and revitalizer. It is also useful for hair care with its strengthening and shine benefits and very effective in nail care products. Cosmetic companies have been introducing it into their new products because of its many uses and unique provenance.

 Argan oil is rich in in unsaponifiable matter like tocopherol (antioxidants) as well as unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids, with well over 70% oleic acid (omega 9) and linoleic acid (omega 6).


Fatty acid

Typical value

C18:1 Oleic Acid


C18:2 Linoleic Acid


C16 Palmitic Acid



Discover our formulation example using Argan Oil:

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