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Rich & creamy foaming surfactant, effective for sulfate-free formulations


AKYPO® FOAM LM 25 is an anionic surfactant that offers all the properties required for ultra-mild cleansing products.

The new AKYPO® FOAM LM 25 Potassium Laureth-4 Carboxylate was developed with the aim of obtaining a special texture. The product has been designed to achieve a luxurious foam, with a very small bubble size and high foam consistency. Despite being an anionic surfactant, it is gentle on the skin and eyes. When used as a secondary surfactant, it reduces irritation and improves the foam quality of the formulation.


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  • INCI Name: Potassium Laureth-4 Carboxylate
  • Chemical family: Polyoxyethylene alkylether carboxylates
  • Appearance: Colourless to pale yellowish flowable paste
  • Usage levels: starting at 1%
  • Active matter: 35-39%
  • pH range: 10,0 – 13,0
  • ISO 16128: 0.65 Natural Origin index
  • Halal compliance




  • Face & body liquid soaps
  • Shampoo, sulfate-free, creamy & soft, rich foam
  • Surfactant systems
  • Shower gel, shower cream
  • Ultra-mild shaving cream


AKYPO® FOAM LM 25 Formulation Benefits: 

  • Ultra-mild surfactant
  • High concentration ≈60%
  • Soft & creamy foam texture
  • Micro-bubble size
  • Clear formulations


  • Easy to thicken
  • Flowable gel
  • Unpreserved
  • No influence of pH on formula viscosity


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