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COCONAD RK: Shine-enhancing emollients and solvent

What is an emollient?

The feel of a product provides important clues to consumers about the product’s function and purpose.

Emollients provide different skin feeling in use, a variety of emollients is important to provide a wide range of sensations.

Emollients are the components at higher content (3-20%w/w), after water, in an emulsion system.

They could be synthetic, coming from vegetal extraction, bio-fermentation or up-cycle of waste.

Emollient can belong to the following family:

COCONAD RK: Shine-enhancing emollients and solvent

COCONAD RK is a middle chain fatty acid triglyceride. Clear pale-yellow liquid and very mild. It provides emolliency, lubricity and a silky feel on the skin. COCONAD RK can disperse and dissolve commonly used UV filters, like BEMT. Depending on the desired sun protection factor and UV filter, formulators can choose from a palette of emollients.

In hair care application, COCONAD RK shows a high refractive index that improves shine and brightness.


Typical properties Coconad RK
INCI Name Tricaprylin
Appearance Clear Pale Yellow Liquid
Active Matter   100%

Mass Balance

Natural Origin Content (ISO 16128)


Cosmos Approved


China compliance

Listed in the catalog of

cosmetic ingredients




  • Skin care
  • AP/Deo Roll-On
  • Sun care
  • Make-up

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  • High polarity
  • Pigment & UV filter dispersion properties
  • Pleasant skin feel
  • Good spreadability