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Fossence™ from TATA NQ:
The multi-tasking prebiotic fiber for digestive health and wellness


Did you know our gut has 10 times more microbial cells than the entire human body? 

When the gut microbiome is unhealthy, odds increase that other health factors will come into play. An imbalance within gut bacteria creates more stress in the immune system, which can lead to chronic diseases. Enter prebiotics to help feed healthy gut bacteria and restore equilibrium.



Prebiotics feed and fuel our healthy gut bacteria to maintain balance, as well as perform the essential fermentation functions our bodies need for peak performance – like increasing probiotics and reducing PH in the colon, resulting in a less acidic gut.



Probiotics vs Prebiotics: Knowing the difference

In recent years, both prebiotics and probiotics have seen a surge in popularity with consumers looking for supplements or functional foods that can help them care for their good gut bacteria. But what is the difference and why is it important?



Probiotics are live beneficial microbial cells that can be ingested orally to compensate for any depletion of good gut bacteria. Probiotics aim to provide additional good bacteria; they do not affect existing good bacteria.



Prebiotics are fuel for the good gut bacteria, feeding them and allowing them to thrive and grow. Prebiotics are indigestible by humans; their only purpose is to serve as food for the friendly microbes already in our system.  


While bodies of research support the benefits of both products, recent focus centers on the benefits of prebiotics and how they can be incorporated into functional foods and supplements to support several digestive health claims increasingly important to consumers. 


Inspired by nature, designed for



Tata NQ’s solar-powered factory manufactures industry-leading, naturally derived and non-GMO prebiotic fibers using a proprietary in-house fermentation process. The products are designed to be formulation friendly and available in both liquid and powder forms. 

FossenceTM is made from a nature-inspired process of fermenting cane sugar. Not only is it a proven prebiotic fiber, it also has added formulation benefits including:






Strong humectant properties

Traps moisture well and keeps food soft from inside; makes food chewable and great for use in cookies, bars and cakes



100% water soluble

Easy to use and readily dispersible



Shelf life extension

Improves shelf life through lowered water activity



Sugar reduction or replacement

Natural sweet and works well in combination with polyols and natural sweeteners for zero sugar products




Great binding agent

Improves firmness and aids in structure



Improved mouthfeel

Enhances texture and works synergistically with gums to improve viscosity


Flexible ingredients for

nutrition applications   


FossenceTM has both a low glycemic index and a low caloric value at just 1.6K cal/g, and as a short chain FOS, it has a good digestive tolerance of up to 15gms/day. This flexible fiber can be added to a wide range of foods including:


  • Baked goods 
  • Protein beverages
  • Gummies and confectionary 
  • Sauces
  • Dietary supplements



Unlock the power of prebiotics for your

digestive health and wellness innovations.


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