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Is Your Product the Color of "Clean"?

The global cleaning products market is one of the most competitive

So it is important to have a well-structured strategy to stand out and increase the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of the consumer. Our Univar Solutions team in Brazil launched a year-long study to gather additional insights into how consumers choose cleaning products based on color as the inspiration behind their favorite brands.

The importance of colors in marketing for your product

What does the color ‘clean’ look like? Research shows that color is most often the first aspect that attracts the consumer to a product.

According to a survey conducted by authors Scarsiotta and Giuliani (2005), about a third of the products are not perceived in the gondola. This is the point of making appearance extremely  important  in development, as it becomes a 'silent seller'' by the power to attract the attention of the consumer to evaluate the characteristics of the product, such as: perfumes and benefits.

As color is such a powerful ally of attractiveness and sale, it is important that a stable dye is chosen, suitable for use and one that does not stain clothes and surfaces.


 What is the most used color in cleaning products?

The market for cleaning products is colorful! But there are favored colors that, when combined with a specific scent or perfume, remind us of different feelings and inspire consumers who are seeking a pleasant or refreshing experience while they clean.

Did you imagine any color? 

Research in the cleaning products market

To find out the most used color, Univar Solutions’ market team in Brazil conducted research using a qualitative and quantitative approach.

Our market research was carried out in a face-to-face market study  from October 2019 to October 2020, leveraging digital tools and online platforms that enable visual access to products and sales in Brazilian retail, including responses gathered from:

  • Mintel Global New Products Database

  • Supermarkets

  • Mini markets and general sales platforms

For the online data search, a range of sanitizing products launched and marketed from 2017 to March 2020 were considered. Products with more than one package have been accounted for more than once, for example one-liter and five-liter packaging.

Although Brazilian consumers responded to many colors represented in the wheel, we confirmed that the favorite choice and most used color in the homecare cleaning market is blue!



But don't be fooled. There are different shades and intensities of color that inspire consumers, such as those associated with high-performance cleaning to brighten the whiteness in lava - clothes, to those that evoke the feelings associate with dreams and softness used to market softening products.

See examples of blue formulas in their different shades and applications in our Formulation Finder:

  • Glass anti-blurring link

  • “Blue Tradition” Clothing Soap

  • Regular softener feeling of softness

  • Super care concentrated softener

  • Sea freshness disinfectant

Want to know how to make your product more colorful and flashier, but stable and with reduced stains?

Contact us and discover more about Line Liquitint®!

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