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Specialty materials with the highest standards of service and technical support

The Specialty Materials business unit specializes in ready-to-use chemical product solutions in applications such as adhesion, protection, lubrication, sealing and technical cleaning, with a focus on the electrical and electronic market. It operates in all industrial processes, from assembly to maintenance, connecting customers with the latest products from the largest manufacturers in the world.

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  • Agricultural automation
  • Audio, video, IT
  • Automation, measurement
  • Automotive Electronics
  • PCI components and manufacturers
  • Home appliances
  • Telecommunication and related maintenance processes



  • Wind
  • Generators, transformers
  • Hydroelectric
  • Lighting (LED and conventional)
  • Solar
  • Substations, insulators
  • Thermoelectric and related maintenance processes


  • Equipment and maintenance
  • White goods, refrigeration
  • Modeling
  • Motors, compressors
  • Tractors, agricultural and construction machinery


  • Automobiles and car parts
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Two-wheeled vehicles
  • Naval
  • Buses, trucks and trains



Partnership with an extensive network of specialized resellers and sub-distributors in all business segments.

UNIQ® SIL line of sprays

Univar Solutions, through its technical expertise and capacity for formulations and blends, exclusively offers the UNIQ® SIL line of sprays for a diverse range of industrial applications, from the maintenance and lubrication of equipment in general to the protection of printed circuit and sensitive electronic components, providing practicality in the application of our chemical specialties.

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