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Approach to sustainability

At Univar Solutions, we believe that use of the precautionary principle is a key directive of responsible environmental and social governance and is an important factor in the journey toward a more sustainable future.

We demonstrate this commitment through our global sustainability goals, which help us focus on reducing our contribution to global climate change while addressing remediation.

Commitment to sustainability

In 2018, we became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, reaffirming our ongoing commitments to responsible business.

We continue to implement the principles set out in our Global Sustainability Policy, working together in the spirit of our One Univar Guiding Principle to minimize environmental impacts and promote resource conservation.

To ensure that Univar Solutions maintains its course on the journey toward a more sustainable future, it is crucial that our efforts remain material and allow us to deliver value to all stakeholders.

To achieve our goals we are focused on addressing six key areas of responsibility:

  • Energy and emissions
  • Resource use
  • Responsible handling
  • Safety
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Equality and diversity

And because we are Univar Solutions, we do everything safely and with integrity.

Embedded sustainability

Our Vision is to redefine distribution and be the most valued chemical and ingredient distributor on the planet.

Our Mission is made up of three points—Streamline. Innovate. Grow.

Our Cultural Values drive everything that we do. We are a purpose driven, values based company and as such, we are serious about safety, we are a place where people matter, where we are valuable to others, and we do what we say, so together we win.

Serious about safety

  • We prepare to prevent.
  • Safety comes before profit.
  • Spot it, stop it.

Where people matter

  • We care about others and value their contributions.
  • We seek diversity and inclusion.
  • We grow ourselves to grow our business.

Valuable to others

  • We solve problems with our customers and suppliers.
  • We improve the communities where we live and work.

We do what we say

  • We stand by our word and the trust of others.
  • We make commitments we can keep.
  • We hold ourselves accountable 

Together we win

  • We play to win.
  • We work toward common goals.
  • We use common processes to continuously improve.

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Sustainability - Our Approach