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Novozymes® Enzyme Solutions for Dishwash

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Biodegradable and Renewable Enzymes that Assist in Formulations for Washing Dishes




Univar Solutions proudly distributes enzymes from Novozymes, the world leader in industrial cleaning and household care solutions. Together we offer a range of products for washing dishes by hand or using a machine designed to improve performance and make life easier. Made from renewable and biodegradable ingredients, these products harness the power of biology, providing a more effective and sustainable solution for brands striving for cleaner labels.


Complete the Entire Cleaning Cycle with Enzymes


Novozymes offers various enzyme options that deliver the performance that consumers want most. Whether it's increasing washing power or helping to improve cleaning efficiency in shorter cycles and saving on energy and resources, these multi-functional solutions offer superior performance, optimizing both formulations and cleaning operations. Discover the Novozymes biotechnology line that's shaping the future of cleaning.



Now distributing in the U.S. and Canada. Also serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America regions. 

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Enzymatic Solutions for Dishwashing Detergents


Como o gelo em um lago congelado, as enzimas usadas no detergente para a lavagem automática da louça removem rapidamente, porém suavemente, manchas complexas. Estes ingredientes derivados naturais trabalham para remover proteínas e outras sujeiras alimentares, facilitando a remoção de resíduos alimentares complexos. Como as enzimas da Novozymes são eficazes em detergentes ricos em água, elas são uma alternativa simples, porém poderosa, para qualquer marca de lavagem automática ou manual de louça que procura oferecer um desempenho efetivo que complete o ciclo de limpeza de forma mais eficaz, eficiente e sustentável.





Meeting Customer Demands with a Sustainable and Gentler Formula


Customers today expect more from dishwashing detergents. Consumers demand excellent performance on more stubborn stains and dirt not only under normal conditions, but also with shorter cleaning cycles and at lower temperatures. Detergents with protease and amylase enzymes have been proven to outperform non-enzyme detergents in cooler and shorter cycles, and can fully comply with environmentally friendly and sustainable performance statements.








Less Effort and Better Cleaning Performance


Although customers' sustainability expectations are changing, performance is still the number one demand when it comes to washing up by hand. Biodegradable and renewable enzymes meet these needs and improve performance on difficult stains by more than 35%, according to Novozymes data. Bio-innovative technology also can reduce soaking time and scrubbing efforts, while improving the effectiveness of washing up liquids.


Did you know:

Enzymes can cut down on soaking time. Soaking for 15 minutes in an enzyme-based liquid is three times (3x) more effective than soaking for the same time in a non-enzyme liquid.


Benefits of Clean Living Using a Natural Formula



Enzyme Solutions for Worry-Free Cleaning after Every Meal:



  • Better performance through biology (excellent synergy between amylase and protease enzymes)
  • More stability and flexibility for efficient and gentle cleaning
  • Reduced soaking and washing time


Learn about the science behind dishwashing with enzymes





Rethink dishwashing with Novozymes

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