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Novozymes® Enzymes for Medical Cleaning

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Enzymes for Healthier and More Effective Cleaning in Medical Environments




Demand for effective sanitization products in medical environments is now at an all-time high, with medical detergent manufacturers seeking powerful ingredients that offer effective cleaning performance across a range of applications. We are committed to delivering essential and next-generation cleaning and sanitization products that help medical professionals keep communities healthy, clean and safe, including reducing the risk of health care-acquired infections, through the use of enzyme detergents.

Our range of enzymatic solutions from Novozymes, the leader in biotechnology, is a sustainable high-performance option for medical detergent formulas designed to remove contaminants from surgical instruments, devices and surfaces in every health care environment.


Better Cleaning Performance with Advanced Biotechnology


Medical detergents: formulated with natural cleaning catalysts


Through significant research and development, Novozymes has proven the effectiveness of biotechnology in optimizing medical detergents. The advanced enzymes produced by Novozymes offer a solution for better cleaning performance when used in the required amounts, removing embedded residue more quickly, with less effort and greater effectiveness.

A major benefit of formulations with enzymes is the support they provide to health care facilities in improving patient outcomes while helping to reduce health care-acquired infections. Other benefits include improving rewashing rates and reducing operating costs at health care facilities.





Now distributing in the U.S. and Canada. Also serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America regions. 

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Use of Enzymes in Hospital Cleaning


Novozymes enzymes for medical detergents are effective and powerful cleaning aids. During the cleaning process, enzymes or biomolecules speed up reactions, specifically targeting the organic matter commonly found in medical waste, decontamination medical equipment and surgical instruments. As a gentler cleaner, they are less harsh on delicate medical instruments and devices, and biodegrade easily.

Using the correct amount, temperature and material is important. Medical detergents need the proper enzyme dosage in order to be effective at the speed required in medical cleaning. Enzymes also perform best within specific temperature and pH ranges, so choosing the right enzyme is crucial for hospitals, medical centers and health care facilities if they are to reap all the benefits of optimal cleaning detergents. When selecting a detergent for your medical cleaning application, make sure to check the enzyme dosage of the product you wish to use. Univar Solutions and Novozymes technical specialists can provide guidance on the most effective products and enzyme solutions for your detergent needs.

Take a closer look at the importance of enzyme use in medical cleaning, from Novozymes.



Breakthrough Biosolutions for Medical Cleaning


Deep Cleaning of Medical Instruments


A Everis® Next é uma enzima exclusiva e patenteada pela Novozymes. Trata-se de uma nuclease que remove sujeiras com DNA livre. A aplicação desta nuclease é um avanço no espaço da bioinovação, visando combater especificamente esses contaminantes através de ingredientes detergentes. Esta tecnologia representa uma nova classe de enzimas para detergentes que podem ser usados para ajudar a prevenir infecções hospitalares.


Did you know:

Protease and lipase are the two enzymes most commonly used for cleaning medical devices today. Proteases remove stains rich in proteins, such as blood, while lipases attack greasy stains like adipose tissue (body fat). Combining multiple enzymes, including amylases and cellulases, with a properly formulated detergent helps to naturally remove human soils and waste in health care environments.


Discover Why Enzymes Are Useful in Medical Cleaning


Find out how Novozymes enzyme cleaning solutions are used in medical applications.


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