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Una empresa que desarrolla, fabrica y comercializa productos químicos biológicos y polímeros especializados; entre sus productos destacados se incluyen los copolímeros de bloques de estireno y los productos químicos de pino. Its main segments are divided into polymers and chemicals. Kraton develops, manufactures, and markets bio-based chemicals and specialty polymers that deliver exceptional value to customers. 

As a leading global producer of pine chemicals, Kraton produces a broad range of performance chemicals — such as tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), distilled tall oil (DTO), tall oil rosins (TOR) and pitch — that are used in a variety of markets including fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, coatings, metalworking fluids and lubricants, inks, and mining. Kraton’s bio-based chemistry enables numerous industries to replace non-renewable resources with high-performance, sustainable alternatives.

Key Products and Additional Information:

TOFA: SYLFAT™ fatty acids are useful in a wide range of industrial applications. The utility of these product ranges can be found in the long carbon chain (C18), acid function of the carboxyl group (COOH) and unsaturation of the double bonds. All SYLFAT tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) have a high fatty acid content and a low content of rosin acids and unsaponifiables.

DTO: The SYLVATAL™ products are distilled tall oils (DTO) containing 25-40 percent rosin acids. SYLVATAL products combine the advantages of fatty acids and rosin acids, and therefore, an ideal raw material for functional products like metalworking fluids, oil field chemicals, soaps, cleaners and alkyd resins. SYLVATAL grades help to provide hardness improvement for indoor varnishes with high gloss and excellent water and alkali resistance. When used as magnesium soaps, SYLVATAL products can be efficient dispersants for fuel oils.


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