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Hair Care Trends—the evolution of Shampoos and Conditioners

The global beauty care market is poised to reach 716B$ by 2025 and hair care alone will hit 86.5B$ in 2022.  What’s fueling all the growth? The pandemic permanently modified how consumers view self-care.  Routines are a vital part of the day, as is making health and wellness a priority.  Hair care became just as important as skin care and establishing a routine is reassuring and relaxing to many consumers during these volatile times.  As consumers look to improve hair health, hair care routines will overlap with skin rituals and we’ll see more luxurious offerings in the market.  The skinification of hair care will also include consultations (both in-store and on-line) as scalp care takes a front seat (seen in our Scalpology  trend kit), and the trichologist becomes just as sought after as the dermatologist, because the scalp is the new beauty care terrain.  #scalpfacials

Innovative, science-backed brands, with eco-friendly products are the future.  Lifestyle will prevail in hair care consumption, brands matching the consumer have staying power.  The metaverse will a fuel a new coolness in how we look at hair styles and engage with products on-line.  It may also help further drive the demand for inclusivity and personalization since 65% of the world has curly or textured hair and those consumers are demanding products adapted to their needs.  These hair types require upkeep, regular styling and nourishment and it’s a great space for sustainable innovation.  There’s an increased demand for solid formats across all market categories, especially hair care. These non-traditional formats are commonly seen as eco-conscious and sustainable because they use less packaging and are formulated with little to no water. As brands progress towards climate positive impacts such as water reduction, carbon neutral transport, plastic reduction and reuse, we’ll see more innovation for solid formats.

At Univar Solutions, we have the core ingredients you need to develop solid hair cleansers and conditioners.  We’re here to help you positively impact climate change targets and respond to those 93% of beauty consumers that want to shop sustainably in 2022.  Let’s move forward together to deliver products that can have a positive impact on the planet. 

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