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Chemical Cleaning and Turnaround Solutions for the Energy Industry


We can help you optimize

your turnaround process,

saving time and money while

increasing safety



Refinery and plant turnarounds are an unavoidable part of the energy industry. Typical turnarounds involving commodity chemicals and mechanical cleaning processes make for long shutdown periods, requiring significant manpower and equipment and resulting in higher costs. It’s easy to view a refinery or plant turnaround as simply “the cost of doing business,”—until now.

Using innovative chemicals and technologies, we can help you create an optimized turnaround process that enables you to decontaminate and degas in less time, saving you money.


Let's create a better turnaround solution.

Our expert team is standing by, ready to help you gain a competitive advantage.





Turnaround solutions tailored to your needs 


We can improve your plant’s efficiency with innovative chemistries

Using innovative, patented chemistries, we can design a turnaround solution that improves your asset’s overall efficiency, safety and financial performance. 

Our product portfolio includes specialized products from FQE Chemicals that can:

  • Save you time on critical operations 
  • Create safer processes and reduce exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Drive down your costs by reducing the need for manpower and equipment
  • Prepare for the challenges of tomorrow through continuous improvement and innovation




A Canadian petroleum refinery saved 3 days of shutdown time by reducing multiple turnarounds using FQE Chemicals’ products.

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Rethink your approach to

decontamination and degassing


We are ready to help you create a new approach to decontamination and degassing, fit for purpose to meet your requirements and operational needs. Univar Solutions has experience applying technical solutions across diverse industries, including refining, natural gas processing, petrochemicals, waste treatment and mining.

Each refinery or plant’s circumstances and needs are unique. Our extensive offering of innovative, patented chemistries can help you achieve specific results. We can create a custom turnaround solution that reduces downtime and operational costs and improves safety to support operational excellence at your facility. 

An SAGD Oil Sands facility saved $350,000 and reduced mechanical costs by 50% by employing FQE Chemicals chemistries.