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Tunnel Care Wash Fragrances

Essential fresh & clean scents for car care

These SaferChoice fragrances are exclusive, custom-made scents designed for Univar Solutions' auto care customers. The nature inspired fragrances follow the latest ingredient trends, developed with safety and sustainability in mind. Each dynamic scent conveys essential "fresh and clean" efficacy without heavy , unattractive perfumes—creating modern, enjoyable sensory experience for a broad range of consumers.



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Tunnel Care Wash Fragrances Tunnel Care Wash Fragrances
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Fresh & Clean Fresh & Clean
Coconut Lime Coconut Lime
Ginger Mist Ginger Mist
Soothing Lavender Soothing Lavender
Mandarin Yuzu Mandarin Yuzu
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Fresh & Clean

Delicate raindrops fall over flowering jasmine and tender pink rose sweetened with crisp apple accents, refreshing citrus, and aquatic wild melon.

T: Citrus, Apple / M: Floral, Ozone / B: Jasmine, Musk



Coconut Lime

Freshly fallen, cracked coconut fruit blended with the zesty brightness of island lime fused with sweet sugarcane and a hint of vanilla.

T: Citrus, Lime / M: Tropical, Coconut / B: Vanilla, Sugarcane



Ginger Mist

Heady jasmine and white gardenia are braced by sparkling bergamot, spicy ginger, and the effervescence scent of fresh lime.

T: Citrus, Ginger / M: White Floral, Spice / B: Lime, Musk



Soothing Lavender

The calming scent of sun-warmed lavender infused with aromatic notes of fresh-cut herbs, powdery tonka, and soft meadow blooms.

T: Citrus, Lavender / M: Lavender, Eucalyptus / B: Floral, Tonka



Mandarin Yuzu

Zesty mandarin sparkles above ozone-freshened spring waters accented with fresh yuzu and bright greens warmed with pure white musk.

T: Grapefruit, Mandarin / M: Aquatic Accord, Green / B: Musk, Ginger



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