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Anhydrous Borax (All Grades) in Bulk, IBCs or Small Bags

Reducing energy consumption

An excellent flux and glass former, anhydrous borax results from the dehydration and fusion of borax. This product can help increase yields and reduce energy consumption in glass, ceramic, and enamel frit production.


  • Higher bulk density than 5 and 20 Mol and melts more rapidly, even with minimum energy
  • Allows the formulation of low-melting glazes and enamels with the correct thermal expansion
  • Improves adhesion to metal
  • Excellent solvent for metallic oxides at high temperatures
  • Provides an intermediate-temperature glassy bond prior to the establishment of the ceramic bond in firebricks and castables
  • Increases the recovery of oil from subterranean formations in the oil industry


Anhydrous borax is free-flowing, colorless, and glassy. It is a stable, fused borate product that does not change chemically under normal storage conditions. If wetted, it reacts exothermically, forming hydrated sodium borates.


  • 12-Mesh anhydrous borax
  • 30-Mesh anhydrous borax
  • Fine anhydrous borax
  • Extra fine (Milled) anhydrous borax

Sizes available

  • Bulk
  • IBCs
  • Small bags


  • Ceramics, enamels, and glazes
  • Cleaners and detergents
  • Glass and textile fiberglass
  • Metals and gold
  • Oil and gas production